Meet Camp Counselor Haley!

Haley Ford 2Haley picked the right day and time in May of 2017 to visit Camp and ask questions, because when she came in a group interview was about to start. We invited her to join, and the rest is history! The work at Camp Bow Wow such as training, grooming, and play yard management has inspired Haley to pursue dog-centered careers.

Haley’s favorite part about her job is getting to know all of the Campers, and letting them get to know her! It didn’t take long for relationships to form, and Haley loves seeing the dogs every day. Haley also likes the fact that we provide a service that many responsible dog owners need. Knowing the Campers are able to play and have fun all day instead of being stuck at home while their parents are gone makes Haley happy!

At home Haley has a two-year old Labrador Retriever mix named Rochay. Rochay was one of our foster pups from the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri until Haley adopted her in August of 2017! Haley couldn’t help but falling in love with her and her piercing blue puppy dog eyes – and we don’t blame her! Rochay loves cuddles in the morning, her favorite fox toy, and laying under her human’s feet while they make food in the kitchen.

Haley also has a three-year old Great Pyrenees named Belle. Belle is a giant fluff ball of love who enjoys cuddles from people 24/7! It is still unclear whether she is too smart for her own good, or if she’s a big ditz because trying to talk her into doing anything her humans ask of her is nearly impossible. Regardless, her adorable face and relentless cuddles make it impossible to get mad at her! Rochay and Belle are best buds, and enjoy playing outside for hours upon hours!

Outside of Camp Haley is very artistic. She loves to draw and make goofy cartoons of her friends and family. Haley also loves to write short stories, novels, and poetry. Both her art work AND writing have been honored multiple times! When Haley is not drawing or writing she enjoys music. Her family is musical, and they have a band together. Haley keeps herself busy with all of her artistic adventures!

Passion, Paw-Formance, Podium

Fun Dog 10-13 CollageSadie is a three-year-old English Springer Spaniel who has been visiting us for boarding stays since June of 2016.

Steve, Sadie’s owner, travels with his grandson all across the country to races. Cameron is a ten-year-old go-kart racer. Steve is always eager to tell us where they are going and how Cameron did each weekend – and we love hearing about it!

Our Camp Manager Chelsea and Assistant Manager Carsen stopped by Cameron’s event  at Mitchem Tire & Wheel last month. They got to see Cameron’s karts up close and in person! They enjoyed hearing about Cameron’s past and upcoming races – after some quick pictures of course.

Cameron’s hard work and dedication won him the Margay Young Driver Award for 2016. We are paw-sitive that Cameron has a very bright future ahead of him and we can’t wait to see where he goes next. We are thankful that Steve brings Sadie to us for each race weekend. Sadie loves Camp and we love Sadie. Nothing but thumbs up all around! Click here to read more about Cameron’s accomplishments!

October Camper Of The Month, Woggie!

Woggie CollageWoggie has been a Membership client since she first visited Camp in July! Woggie’s mom is going to school, which mean Woggie gets to play all day while her mom studies!

Woggie enjoys the early morning breeze as her mom drives her to Camp. She uses her height to her advantage and pops her head out through the sunroof! Woggie never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.

We often refer to Woggie as our gentle giant. She has such a sweet demeanor – towards dogs and humans! She has a lot of friends, but her Camp boyfriend is a Leonberger named Ralph. Woggie has been a perfect addition to our Pack!

Resource Guarding Prevention

Resource GuardingSafety is a primary concern at Camp, which is why we have multiple play yards for different sized dogs. We’re asked all the time how the dogs get along, as even dogs in the same household have disagreements. The answer really is simple, we eliminate the things dogs argue over most: food and toys.

Eliminating Possession


For most dogs, toys are the hot commodity. Tennis balls, stuffed animals, tug ropes, and squeaker toys are our furry friend’s prized possessions. It is a natural instinct for dogs to guard their valuables, as it is for humans too!


Food is probably the item squabbled about most, even among siblings. Many dogs from the same family who stay with us need to be separated at meal times. There may be “resource guarding” issues, or it might just be that one has a bigger appetite and gets greedy. Regardless, we eliminate all issues by not allowing food or toys in the play yards.

The Camp environment is also unique in that there are no leashed pets and no owners. The dogs aren’t at their own home and have nothing to “protect”. They don’t have to protect their home or their families. They are on neutral ground and in neutral territory with no worries in sight. Camp is a place where a dog can be a dog!

Water All Day, Every Day

Although there is no food in the play yards, each yard has large bowls of water that are fresh and full at all times. Maintaining the water bowls is a full-time job at Camp and one we take very seriously! It’s not unusual for your dog to come home from Camp exceptionally thirsty. This isn’t for lack of water, many dogs are much too busy playing and meeting new friends to take a drink from the water bowl. This is totally common!

While your Camper may not have their favorite toy or meals in the play yards, they are more than welcome to have them in their cabins. So feel free to pack your Camper’s special toy or mid-day snack next time you all visit Camp!

A Clean Camp And Happy Pups

Cocker Spaniel With Cleaning SuppliesAs you know, while your dogs are at Camp, they spend the majority of their time enjoying the play yards. Cleaning is a top priority here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. When your dogs are taking a break from the play yards in their cozy cabins, we are cleaning – and vice versa!

The play yards and cabins get cleaned every single day. That’s right, 365 days a year we are cleaning to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for your Campers! Dog hair may be near impossible to get rid of but we do our best to keep Camp as clean as possible!