#GiveAFetch 2017

#giveafetch2017We are excited to participate in #GiveAFetch which kicks-off on Saturday, September 23rd! This national campaign will last until October 31st!

#GiveAFetch promotes being a responsible pet parent and community member while celebrating the special things we do for our dogs.

Starting on Saturday, you will find a big cardboard tennis ball dispenser in our lobby. You will get to fill out how you ‘give a fetch’ on paper tennis balls and place them on the globe of the dispenser! Each week, one client will be selected to win a free day of Day Camp!

Meet Shift Leader Daphne!

Daphne Morris 2Daphne’s dog, Tyrion, introduced her to Camp Bow Wow. Tyrion was a Membership client who loved Camp so much, he convinced his mom to submit an application. Fast forward to December of 2016, and Daphne started working here!

Daphne’s favorite part of her job is being able to work with all of the cute Campers! Tyrion also gets to come to work with her every day – which they both love!

Tyrion is a two-year-old Cattle Dog mix. He is a very happy pup! Tyrion is her only fur-child and he loves the attention – that adorable smile never leaves his face!

Outside of Camp, Daphne spends her free time with her boyfriend of over three years, Mike.  Together they enjoy taking Tyrion on long walks every day to wind down from long days at school. Daphne attends Ozarks Technical Community College and is studying Respiratory Therapy!

New Cabins!

The long anticipated wait is finally over here at Camp. More cabins are on their way and being delivered this week!

Our new cabins cater to our smaller Campers. We have 14 of them, which means we have more space for boarders!

Small cabins provide a sense of safety and security! Cabins should be big enough so that the dog can stretch out to sleep, stand up and not bump their head, turn around and sit comfortably, which makes them the perfect size for our smaller Campers.

Having a cabin that is too large feels like an “empty house” to a dog. Smaller cabins provide a cozy, comfy feeling to dogs and reduces anxiety in Campers who are not yet accustomed to overnight boarding. Also, overly large cabins allow dogs to sleep and eliminate within its confines. Dogs have a natural instinct to not soil their sleeping area.

For more information about cabin sizes for all dogs, click here!

Bark To School Pictures Recap

Bark To School 1.2We had an absolute blast taking Bark To School pictures!

Not only did the pictures turn out adorable, we raised over $1,000 for the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation! This was our first time doing this event and we are thrilled with the turn out.

We owe a HUGE thank you to Lisa from Lisa Marie Photography for donating her time and amazing photos! We also would like to thank Black River Imaging for donating prints!

Lisa is working hard to get pictures to you soon. We will let you know as soon as they are ready. Happy September, Campers!

Hurricane Harvey Animal Relief Efforts

VCA Charities LogoWe are now accepting donations for VCA Animal Hospitals charity!

100% of the donations will go towards helping dogs in crisis.

Cash and checks are welcome! Please make checks payable to “VCA Charities”.

For more information, visit: http://www.vcacharities.org/donations

Meet Oliver, Our September Camper Of The Month!

Springfield September 2017 COMOliver is an adorable eight-month-old Labradoodle! He is as energetic as they come and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Oliver started coming to Camp in May of 2017 and hasn’t looked back since!

Oliver romps around in Charlie’s Play Yard. He always socializes with his fellow Campers but he is never too busy to grab a quick belly rub or ear scratches from his Camp Counselors!

We can always count on Oliver to keep his Camp friends active. We are falling for Oliver this month!

Vaccination Requirements At Camp

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For the safety of your dog and all of the other dogs at Camp, we require all of our Campers to be up-to-date on three vaccinationss at all times. These vaccines are:

  • Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Rabies

Viruses can easily be transmitted through interactions with an infected dog. At Camp, we require a copy of every dog’s vaccination history from their vet on the day of their Interview. We also require all of our Campers be updated regularly and again provide us with vaccination updates.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our vaccination requirements! Don’t forget to ask your vet about the vaccinations they are providing your dog as well!