Why You Should Board Your Pooch With Us

What's including in Camp Bow Wow dog boardingCamp Bow Wow has one of the most all-inclusive boarding facilities around! Other places may try to lure you in with their “low rate”, but by the time you check out and they’ve added on all the extra fees, you’ll soon find out they’re not as cheap as you’d thought. At Camp Bow Wow, all of our pricing is inclusive and there are no hidden fees and no surprises!

We believe in “Happy healthy pets, happy healthy people” and adding extra charges could infuriate you, which definitely won’t make you happy or healthy.

What’s included in Camp Bow Wow Boarding rates?

  • 6 to 8 hours of supervised indoor/outdoor open play in one of our play yards (grouped by size and temperament)
  • Spacious private cabin accommodations for eating and sleeping
  • Kuranda cots
  • Cozy bedding (we have plenty but you are welcome to bring yours from home as well)
  • House food (however, we do recommend you bring your own as it’s less likely to upset your dog’s stomach)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Webcam access in all play yards
  • Best butt scratches in town
  • Lots of affection
  • Camp fire treat at bedtime

What else is included in your boarding stay?

  • Feeding
  • Medication administration (no injectables allowed)
  • Two full days of daycare with each night’s boarding stay. We only charge you for the night of your boarding stay, not the check-out day. (That is right, you get check out day for FREE.) Check-in within normal business hours to take advantage of your day care day and then pick up the next night at closing for NO extra charge!
  • Accommodations for special needs and senior dogs
  • Discounts for multiple pets in the same family
  • Extended stay discounts

We provide quality care

  • Camper run cards – A photo ID of your pet with emergency contact information, vet contact information, behavioral concerns and feeding instructions
  • Medication Cards – Bright yellow cards for medication administration, which is all recorded and double checked
  • Mess hall reports – We keep track of your Camper’s eating habits and mark if they ate “none”, “some”, “most” or “all” of their meal
  • D-Tails cards – Special notes for exciting milestones or to communicate important “D-Tails” about your dogs visit

Click here to see our boarding prices.

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