Meet Our New Camp Ranger: Tony Caruso

Tony CarusoBy now you’ve likely heard the bark about our new Camp Ranger and we’re here to confirm that the rumors are true! Tony and Jamie Caruso are now the proud owners of Camp Bow Wow Springfield.

Springfield is the second Camp Bow Wow location that this “dog-namic duo” owns. In April of 2007, Tony combined his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for animals and opened his first Camp Bow Wow in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.

Tony’s Family

Behind every great man is a great woman, or in Tony’s case, four of them. Abby Caruso (an eight year old Hungarian Vizsla) was the inspiration that ignited Tony’s passion for animals and drove him to open a Camp. Although she’s clearly the head of the pack, Abby shares Tony with his wife Jamie, daughter Ella, and the newest member of the family, Bella.

His Fur Family

Bella is a five-year old Mastiff that the Caruso’s adopted in 2012. Exhibiting typical “rescue dog” behavior, Bella wasn’t socialized, had a huge distrust of humans and was protective of food. With Tony’s patience and training, Bella is now a happy, healthy girl who loves giving and receiving affection. No one has the heart to break it to Bella that she’s not a lap-dog (her size doesn’t stop her from trying to fit into small spaces, including Ella’s car-seat!).

The family also has a four-year old Abyssinian cat named Louie. Louie thinks he’s a dog and demands full attention at all times. When he’s not purring for affection, he’s causing chaos with the dogs and with Ella, who calls him “meow”.

Tony’s Passions

Tony is not just a “Camp Ranger”, he’s also a Certified Behavior Buddies Trainer. He has worked with numerous rescue groups assisting in temperament testing and training dogs to increase their adoptability. When he’s not at Camp, you can usually find him at a Tiger’s Game in Detroit, Royals game in Kansas City, or golfing.

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