Introducing Camp Counselor Pups!

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Leaders Of The Shifts & Their Leaders Of The Pack

Larissa and Adrienne are our two Shift Leaders here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. Best friends inside and outside of work, they could not pass up the opportunity to adopt their fur babies from the same liter!

Riley and Remi were adopted in October 2015, and have been regular Campers since the age of four months old! Adrienne and Larissa agree that the biggest perk of working at Camp is being able to bring their pups with them. (Riley and Remi agree too!)

Leading By Example

One responsibility of the Shift Leader role is to oversee activity in the Play Yards. Not only do Larissa and Adrienne do an excellent job of this, but so do Riley and Remi! These siblings can make any new camper feel comfortable in the Play Yards. Their playful yet laid back personalities set the tone of the Play Yards every time they are at Camp!

Meet Shift Leader, Kellie S.

Kellie has been at Camp over one year and we’ve loved having her as part of the Camp Bow Wow family!

kellie 2Kellie is a Shift Leader who has completed Paw One, Paw Two, and CPR training.  She loves coming to work because of the fun environment and her awesome fellow Camp Counselors.

To Kellie, dogs always make everything 10 times better.  In getting to know each individual dog’s personality, she sometimes thinks there may be a few even smarter than her!

Kellie has one 11-year old half Golden Retriever, half Lab named Maggie.  You’d never guess she was that old, though, as she loves going hiking with Kellie and has a blast running after ducks.  Although she can never catch them, it does give her a good workout!

In her free time, Kellie loves being outside with her friends, shopping, and binge-watching Netflix.  A fun fact about Kellie is she usually has one Icee every day.  Brrrr!


Perks Of Day Camp: Fur-Ever Friends

CBW Kotah and Lilly 2

Meet Kotah and Lilly!

Our gentle-giant, Lilly, has been an active Camper for four years! She is one of our many Great Danes that attend Day Camp on a weekly basis. Kotah, an Alaskan Malamute with a big personality, started coming to Camp in March of 2014. These sweet girls quickly became BFF’s, and have been inseparable ever since!

Socialization In The Play Yards

Kotah and Lilly spend their summer days at Camp in Sally’s Outdoor Play Yard! You can usually find them sunbathing and socializing by the pool, or showing new Campers the ropes! Lilly and Kotah are far from shy, and always give friendly welcomes to anyone who wants to join them.

Building Friendships At Camp

These girls always come to Camp excited to see each other! They even coordinate days with their parents for scheduled play dates. This is just one example of the many friendships that have been built at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. We love being the go-to spot for building fur-ever friendships!

Heartworm Disease & Dogs

heartworm_disease-1What is Heartworm Disease & How Does It Effect My Dog?

Heartworm disease or Dirofilariasis is a serious and potentially fatal disease.

It is caused by a blood-borne parasite known as Dirofilaria immitis, and is transmitted when an infected mosquito bites the dog.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Heartworm?

Most heartworm positive dogs can show no signs of infection for several years, but if left undiagnosed, the most obvious clinical signs are a soft, dry cough, shortness of breath, weakness, nervousness, listlessness and loss of stamina. All of these signs are most noticeable following exercise, when some dogs may even faint or become disoriented. Your veterinarian may notice abnormal lung and heart sounds when listening to the chest with a stethoscope. In advanced cases, congestive heart failure may be apparent and the abdomen and legs will swell from fluid accumulation. There may also be evidence of weight loss, poor condition and anemia. Severely infected dogs may die suddenly during exercise or excitement

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Getting Heartworms?

You can prevent your dog from getting heartworms by using a heartworm preventive. Preventatives will treat the microfilaria transferred by an infected mosquito for a little over a month, and it is recommended that pets receive monthly prevention all year round. The preventatives come in oral, topical and injectable forms and often include intestinal parasite and flea control as well. Safe and affordable heartworm preventives can be given to pets ages 8 weeks and up so that no pet should ever have to endure this dreaded disease.

Thanks to Dr. Jason Banaszak of VCA Animal Hospital for this guest post on Heartworm!

July Camper of the Month, Taffy!

July Camper of the Month Taffy HendersonMiss Taffy is a one year old Collie who has been an active Camper since September 2015. She plays nonstop while at Camp, especially when her best friends Riley and Remi are with her!

Taffy is very social, and has a lot to talk about with her friends… even the dogs in different Play Yards! Although, it is rare to see Taffy resting while at Camp, she always finds time to love on her Camp Counselors.

Taffy is one of our Camp sweethearts, and we love when she comes to play!

Meet Assistant Manager And Brand Ambassador, Carsen!

Carsen joined our family on Valentine’s Day 2014 and we’ve loved having her as part of our team ever since.

Carsen was originally introduced to Camp by her chocolate Labrador Retriever, Ebbie, who was a regular Camper since the age of four-months old. Ebbie is now seven-years old! Being a dog lover, Carsen couldn’t think of a more perfect place to work!

Carsen loves being able to not only get to know the dogs, but their families as well! Sharing stories with owners about each individual dog makes her job even more fun – getting to socialize with the dogs AND their humans. You can always find Carsen working the Front Yard, or working on some marketing in the office!

Carsen added a second four-legged family member in April! Her name is Storm, and she is a four-year old black Labrador Retriever. Storm loves to play fetch with her tennis ball and cuddle up after a long day for some belly rubs!

A recent graduate of Missouri State University in May 2016, she enjoys spending time with Ebbie and Storm, friends, and family. Ebbie and Storm have hobbies of their own – taking naps, relaxing in their spa (pool), going on walks, and coming to Camp!