Perks Of Day Camp: Fur-Ever Friends

CBW Kotah and Lilly 2

Meet Kotah and Lilly!

Our gentle-giant, Lilly, has been an active Camper for four years! She is one of our many Great Danes that attend Day Camp on a weekly basis. Kotah, an Alaskan Malamute with a big personality, started coming to Camp in March of 2014. These sweet girls quickly became BFF’s, and have been inseparable ever since!

Socialization In The Play Yards

Kotah and Lilly spend their summer days at Camp in Sally’s Outdoor Play Yard! You can usually find them sunbathing and socializing by the pool, or showing new Campers the ropes! Lilly and Kotah are far from shy, and always give friendly welcomes to anyone who wants to join them.

Building Friendships At Camp

These girls always come to Camp excited to see each other! They even coordinate days with their parents for scheduled play dates. This is just one example of the many friendships that have been built at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. We love being the go-to spot for building fur-ever friendships!

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