Meet Shift Leader, Kellie S.

Kellie has been at Camp over one year and we’ve loved having her as part of the Camp Bow Wow family!

kellie 2Kellie is a Shift Leader who has completed Paw One, Paw Two, and CPR training.  She loves coming to work because of the fun environment and her awesome fellow Camp Counselors.

To Kellie, dogs always make everything 10 times better.  In getting to know each individual dog’s personality, she sometimes thinks there may be a few even smarter than her!

Kellie has one 11-year old half Golden Retriever, half Lab named Maggie.  You’d never guess she was that old, though, as she loves going hiking with Kellie and has a blast running after ducks.  Although she can never catch them, it does give her a good workout!

In her free time, Kellie loves being outside with her friends, shopping, and binge-watching Netflix.  A fun fact about Kellie is she usually has one Icee every day.  Brrrr!


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