Introducing Camp Counselor Pups!

CBW Intro Camp Counselor Pups Blog 1

Leaders Of The Shifts & Their Leaders Of The Pack

Larissa and Adrienne are our two Shift Leaders here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. Best friends inside and outside of work, they could not pass up the opportunity to adopt their fur babies from the same liter!

Riley and Remi were adopted in October 2015, and have been regular Campers since the age of four months old! Adrienne and Larissa agree that the biggest perk of working at Camp is being able to bring their pups with them. (Riley and Remi agree too!)

Leading By Example

One responsibility of the Shift Leader role is to oversee activity in the Play Yards. Not only do Larissa and Adrienne do an excellent job of this, but so do Riley and Remi! These siblings can make any new camper feel comfortable in the Play Yards. Their playful yet laid back personalities set the tone of the Play Yards every time they are at Camp!

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