Three Simple Games To Play With Your Pup!

Young man playing with his dog in the summer parkOne of the best parts about being a Camp Counselor is watching the Campers play in the play yards. The Campers love to play games with each other such as chase, tag, and romp and roll. We Camp Counselors love to play games with our pooches at home, too! Here are our top three favorites:

1. Fetch

Obviously, fetch is one of our number one favorites! For those of us with tennis ball loving pups, fetch is a daily activity! Fetch is a great way to exercise our four-legged friends, while also practicing basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “wait”. The best way to tucker out a pup is to engage their mind during play!

2. Clean Up

Toy clean up is a great way to utilize the “fetch” and then redirect the retrieval to the toy box! We know from experience that our four-legged friends can make just as big of a mess with their toys as their human siblings. Wouldn’t we all love it if our furry kiddos picked up their toys once they were done playing?

3. Hide & Seek

This is an entertaining spin on the traditional game of hide and seek. Gather up three or four cups, and put your dog’s favorite ball or toy underneath one. Shuffle the cups, and allow your dog to sniff out the cup which contains the ball or toy! This game is great for cognitive thinking, and scent-tracking abilities!
Combine these simple games with trips to Day Camp each week and you will be sure to have tired pup on your hands!

Camp Bow Wow Staff Goes Bowling!

CBW Springfield Staff Post 2

Last weekend, a few Camp Bow Wow Springfield employees traded in their red Camp Counselor t-shirts for bowling shoes!

It was Team Tony versus Team Jamie in a two-game competition for bragging rights! Team Tony won the first game by a much larger margin than Team Jamie would like to admit, but Team Jamie did not give up! Game two was neck and neck, but ultimately Team Tony came out with the win!

That makes Tony’s Team 2-0! You may find some members of Team Jamie perfecting their bowling skills between now and the next staff outing. Stay tuned for more results between our friendly staff competitions!

Make Your Labor Day Reservations Today!

Beautiful border collie in front of a USA flag with sunglasses

Labor Day is officially less than a month away, and our cabins are filling up fast! If you plan on ending summer with a bang, don’t forget to make a reservation for your fur child – give us a call to reserve a cabin!

Due to our holiday hours, we will only be open for Boarding drop-off and pick-up on Labor Day! Our hours will be 7AM – 11AM and 4PM – 7PM.

Don’t worry, we will have normal hours for Day Camp and Boarding all weekend leading up to Labor Day! Bring your pups in for one last summer play date with their other four-legged friends at Camp!

Meet Shift Leader, Larissa!

CBW Larissa and Riley 2

Larissa has been working at Camp Bow Wow Springfield for over a year now, and her hard work ethic has earned her the title of Shift Leader!

After moving from St. Louis to Springfield for school, Larissa needed some puppy love between classes and studying. When her brother’s dog, Ally, introduced her to Camp, she couldn’t think of a more perfect place to work!

Not too long after starting at Camp, she adopted her one-year old puppy, Riley! Miss Riley is very social and enjoys coming to work with her Mom each week. You can usually find Riley playing in the pool, flirting with her boyfriends, or helping Larissa supervise the play yards!

One of Larissa’s favorite parts of working at Camp is meeting new Campers! She loves being the photographer for their mini photoshoots on their interview day, and spending quality one-on-one time before they begin meeting other Campers!

Outside of work, Larissa is studying Environmental Biology at Missouri State University! In their free time, Larissa and Riley enjoy spending time outdoors – hiking, floating, and going to the lake are just a few of their favorite things!



Foster Looking For Fur-Ever Home

Whiskers Foster CollageMiss Whiskers is a one year old Terrier Mix. She is a very sweet and loving girl who is looking for her fur-ever home! Whiskers enjoys spending time both inside and outside with her Camp Counselors and her other four legged friends.

She loves showing off for us by following the basic commands of sit and lay down! Whiskers loves to play, but also enjoys relaxing after she runs off some energy in the play yards. Camp is a good fit for her active personality, but we know she’d love a home and family to call her own!

Whiskers is available for adoption through the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri! Stop by Camp and ask to meet her today!

How To Save Money At Camp Bow Wow

CBW Save Money.jpgWith summer coming to an end, and the holidays right around the corner, we want you to be able to get more Camp for your buck! We have plenty of options, but here are our two favorite ways to save money:

Doggie Day Care Warm-Up Package

The name describes itself! The Warm-Up Package is a great way to get your new Camper warmed-up and introduced to Camp for a great price (30% savings)! This package is offered on the day of your furry friend’s Interview. Three FULL days of Day Camp and a Hydro Bath for $90, and they never expire!

Dog Day Care Membership Has Privileges

Does your dog have a lot of energy to run off? Do you work long hours and feel guilty leaving your pup at home all day?  Does your dog beg you to come to Camp regularly? Membership is the way to go! For $260 a month, you can bring your dog UNLIMITED Monday through Friday for the entire month! Basically, if you come at least ten times per month, you get your money’s worth. Keep in mind, it cannot be pro-rated, so be sure to start on the 1st of the month!

Our Front Yard staff can answer any of your questions you may have about our packages and services! Remember, we also have deals for multiple dog families! Ask us about the best option for you!



August Campers Of The Month: Vanellope And Ralph!

CBW Ralph and Vanellope Pic MonkeyRalph and Vanellope are Camp Bow Wow Membership clients who visit Camp multiple times a week!

Vanellope, a one year old German Shepard, has been coming since October of 2015. Ralph, a six month old Leonberger, started coming in May 2016!

Vanellope stays busy with all of her spunk, and is constantly on the go! Ralph is always a couple steps behind his big sister, but takes more time to nap and cuddle with his Camp Counselors!

These four-legged kiddos never fail to put a smile on our faces every day they are at Camp!