How To Save Money At Camp Bow Wow

CBW Save Money.jpgWith summer coming to an end, and the holidays right around the corner, we want you to be able to get more Camp for your buck! We have plenty of options, but here are our two favorite ways to save money:

Doggie Day Care Warm-Up Package

The name describes itself! The Warm-Up Package is a great way to get your new Camper warmed-up and introduced to Camp for a great price (30% savings)! This package is offered on the day of your furry friend’s Interview. Three FULL days of Day Camp and a Hydro Bath for $90, and they never expire!

Dog Day Care Membership Has Privileges

Does your dog have a lot of energy to run off? Do you work long hours and feel guilty leaving your pup at home all day?  Does your dog beg you to come to Camp regularly? Membership is the way to go! For $260 a month, you can bring your dog UNLIMITED Monday through Friday for the entire month! Basically, if you come at least ten times per month, you get your money’s worth. Keep in mind, it cannot be pro-rated, so be sure to start on the 1st of the month!

Our Front Yard staff can answer any of your questions you may have about our packages and services! Remember, we also have deals for multiple dog families! Ask us about the best option for you!



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