Boarding Check In Process

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One of our many goals is to make your four-legged friend’s boarding check-in process as smooth as possible. When you drop off your pup for Overnight Camp, we go through what we call an “Express Check-In” with you. On this form, we can find all of the information we will need while your dog is with us!

We start with your contact information and we always have you provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact – we can never have too many contacts! Then we write a very detailed list of everything you packed so that we make sure everything goes back home with you!

Next, we focus on feeding. We ask your food brand preferences – in case of last-minute extended stays – and then how much and how often to feed your dog. We also ask about any food allergies and double check that your favorite Camper can have a Campfire Treat!

Finally, we ask if you want to schedule a bath and nail trim. We want your pup to go home fresh and clean after playing with all of their friends! We also have a section designated to any extra notes that you pass along to us and we fill out medication cards if necessary.

We want you to leave Camp feeling confident that your Camper is well taken care of while they are with us!


Staff Christmas Paw-Ty!


We were all able to find time to get together for our staff Christmas paw-ty this past weekend! We met up at Andy B’s again for another round of bowling. This time we had three teams, all competing for bragging rights again!

Our captains were Chelsea, Carsen, and Chelsey. Games of Rock-Paper-Scissors decided the order of picking teams, and it was game-on from there! Team Chelsea ended up taking first place, but Team Carsen was right behind them in second place. Team Chelsey took third, but they kept their heads held high.

It was a great team-bonding experience, and we are looking forward to the next friendly competition to see if Team Chelsea can hold onto their title!

Camp Cabins – Large And Extra-Large


Your pup has a cabin to call their own while they are boarding at Camp. Their cabin is a place for them to eat, sleep, and re-hydrate when they are not in the play yards!

We have two sizes of cabins here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. One is large (4 ft x 8 ft) and the other is extra-large (5 ft x 10 ft).  Your pup will be the only dog that has access to their cabin, so feel free to bring toys, beds, blankets, and anything else you think will make your Camper feel at home!

We provide food bowls and water bowls, so don’t worry about packing one. There is also a cot to keep your pup off the ground! Our cabins were made for comfort, so that you can rest easy knowing your Camper is comfortable while you are away!

Meet Camp Counselor, Madison!


Madison, more commonly known as Maddie, started working at Camp in August of 2015 and we have loved having her since! Maddie has an undeniable passion for all animals and is studying to become a Marine Biologist.

Maddie’s favorite part about working at Camp is watching the Campers transform. Many of our Campers have been rescued, adopted, or are naturally very introverted. Seeing these Campers come day after day, make friends, and slowly come out of their shells with the encouragement and love of their Camp Counselors is icing on the cake for her!

At home, Maddie has a four-year old Golden Retriever named Zeke. You’ll never find him too far from Maddie. He is 100% a mama’s boy, and can usually be found in her lap, under her feet, or right next to her – with his tennis ball, of course! Zeke loves to run, play fetch, and help Maddie with all of her day to day activities.

When Maddie is not at school or at Camp, she enjoys traveling whenever she has the chance – especially to the beach. Maddie also loves going to the lake, hiking, swimming, and all sorts of DIY Pinterest projects!

Mental Stimulation Training Bundles

Black dog in santa outfit and christmas gifts

Did you know that ten minutes of mental stimulation is equal to thirty minutes of physical activity? We are now selling Training Bundles filled with mental stimulation items!

Each Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Squeak ‘N Treat Ooga
  • 1 Slap Happy Pogo Plush
  • 1 Training Treat Roll
  • 1 6” Bully Stick
  • FREE Mental Stimulation Activity

Wear your pup out at home AND at Camp! Ask a Camp Counselor about the paw-sitive aspects of mental stimulation the next time you are at Camp!


Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Angel Tree


If you have visited Camp this month, you have probably noticed our Angel Tree in our lobby filled with Bow Wow Buddies Foundation ornaments. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose parents cannot afford to pay their veterinary bills.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 by Christmas. If you donate at least ten dollars, you get an ornament with you and your dog’s name on the tree! Thank you in advance for your generous donation!

Camp’s Doggy Doppelgängers!


It is very common for us to have multiple dogs of one breed at Camp at the same time but, every now and then. they look so much alike we have to do a double take!

This is just one of the reasons we are constantly putting CBW name tags on your pup. You never know when your dog’s doppelgänger will show up at Camp! Can you tell which pup is which?!