Meet Camp Counselor, Madison!


Madison, more commonly known as Maddie, started working at Camp in August of 2015 and we have loved having her since! Maddie has an undeniable passion for all animals and is studying to become a Marine Biologist.

Maddie’s favorite part about working at Camp is watching the Campers transform. Many of our Campers have been rescued, adopted, or are naturally very introverted. Seeing these Campers come day after day, make friends, and slowly come out of their shells with the encouragement and love of their Camp Counselors is icing on the cake for her!

At home, Maddie has a four-year old Golden Retriever named Zeke. You’ll never find him too far from Maddie. He is 100% a mama’s boy, and can usually be found in her lap, under her feet, or right next to her – with his tennis ball, of course! Zeke loves to run, play fetch, and help Maddie with all of her day to day activities.

When Maddie is not at school or at Camp, she enjoys traveling whenever she has the chance – especially to the beach. Maddie also loves going to the lake, hiking, swimming, and all sorts of DIY Pinterest projects!

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