The Triple Threat Of Leash Walking

Spring on the way and we can all probably agree that we’re looking forward to the sunshine and dry pavement, but no one more than our dogs! Having the right accessories can make your walk a safe and fun experience for you and your pup. Here’s our “triple threat” of leash walking accessories:

Martingale Collar

A MartOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAingale style quick release collar gives you more control of your dog during the walk. The additional loop on the collar allows it to constrict and release based on the pressure placed on the collar. It also helps prevent the tricky dogs who’ve learned that a loose collar and an abrupt stop can mean freedom!

Easy Walk HarnessPremierGentleLdrHarness_blackC

The Easy Walk Harness, in our opinion, is the best invention since Camp Bow Wow. Unlike other harnesses, it’s incredibly easy to put on and take off and is even color coded for convenience. It provides control of the dog right at the power center, across the front of the chest. So when your dog starts to pull, the harness turns the dog around toward you. When your dog ends up walking the wrong way… viola, the pulling stops! This harness is great for all sizes and breeds of dogs and doesn’t involve any pressure on the neck. Even the most inexperienced dog walker can feel confident when walking with a properly fitted Easy Walk Harness.

Leash with Traffic Handle

Our lTraffic handle leasheash of choice is a standard 6′ leash with traffic handle. If you’re not sure of what a “traffic handle” is, it’s a loop right at the clip of the leash that allows you to pull your dog close to you for “traffic” situations (narrow sidewalks, bikers or other dogs passing, waiting at cross walks, etc.). A basic nylon leash gives you the ability to teach your dog to loose leash walk, which will make your walk much more enjoyable!

Now that you know about the triple threat of dog walking accessories, stop into Camp and let us help you browse through our retail items! We will help fit your dog for their own triple threat combo. We have matching ensembles in a variety of colors and sizes and are happy to fit your dog and show you how it all works!

CBW Camp Counselor’s Guilty Pleasures

Movie Dog

This month’s guilty pleasure theme is TV Shows! We know we aren’t the only ones who binge watch our favorite shows before and after work with our dogs. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Chelsea -The Kardashians
  • Adrienne – Arthur
  • Carsen – Fixer Upper
  • Chelsey – Game of Thrones
  • Bailey – The Bachelor
  • Jacob – 16 & Pregnant
  • Ruby – Chopped
  • Heather – Bachelor In Paradise
  • Rachel – Once Upon A Time

What is your favorite show to watch with your pup?!

Celebrating Seeing Eye Dogs!

Blind Person With Her Guide Dog

January 29th is a day to celebrate seeing eye dogs and the fabulous work they do to support visually-impaired individuals.

One of Missouri’s popular seeing eye dog organizations is the Missouri Guide Dog Users. Missouri Guide Dog Users, also known as MGDU, was formed in 1998 by eight guide dog handlers primarily residing in the Joplin, MO area. Since then, it has expanded across our Show Me state, and has become a proud affiliate of the Missouri Council of the Blind.

Missouri Guide Dog Users strives to raise awareness, raise funds, and advocate for all guide dog teams throughout Missouri. This wide variety of involvement includes working methods, health issues, guide dog schools, retirement of a guide dog, and many other topics. MGDU is also active in helping to maintain and form legislation that is relevant to service dogs and their owners.

We want to wish a very Yappy Birthday to all seeing eye dogs! To read more about Missouri Guide Dog Users, click here!

Meet Our Foster Pup, Tater!


Tater is a very loving and playful ten-month old Hound/Pointer mix. She loves her toys – tennis balls, Kongs, bones and basically anything she can get her paws on! Tater knows the basic command of “sit” and will give you puppy-dog eyes that will melt your heart. We see may fun hours of Day Camp in Tater’s future because of her high energy and love for socialization.

She gets along well with other dogs but really loves attention from her Camp Counselors. Tater enjoys getting baths and posing for the camera! Help us find this active, happy girl a fur-ever home.

Tater is available for adoption through The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri! Ask to meet Tater today!

Meet Shift Leader, Bailey!


Bailey’s first word was “dog” so you better believe it when we say we knew she would be a paw-fect fit for Camp! She started working at Camp right after she graduated high school in the summer of 2015 and her love for dogs has continued to grow over the years.

You may see Bailey working in the Front Yard every now and then – but you can always find her in the play yards! To say she is obsessed with dogs would be an understatement. Bailey’s favorite part of her job at Camp is interacting with the Campers, meeting new breeds, and advocating for the foster pups!

Bailey brings her two-year old Australian Shepherd mix, Max, to work with her every day! While he is a high energy pup, he rarely leaves Bailey’s side. At home, Bailey also has an eight-year old Standard Poodle named Parker, and a three-year old rescue mutt named Paisley, who make celebrity appearances at Camp occasionally.

Outside of work, Bailey is studying Clinical Psychology and Sociology at Drury University. Her goal is to become a Clinical Psychologist! Bailey also enjoys being outside as much as she can. A few of her hobbies include hiking and biking with her pups, and boyfriend, Logan!

MLK – A Large Influence On Animal Rights Movement


One of the most inspiring connections between Martin Luther King, Jr. and animals was on June 18th, 1964, when he was arrested and placed in a police car. Officers placed a German Shepherd in the vehicle with him as an attempt to intimidate, but instead Martin Luther King Jr. made friends with the dog.

Although Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have known direct involvement with animal issues, his courage and determination sparked inspiration for his family members.

After Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, his widow, Coretta Scott King, continued as many of his projects as she could. She also began advocating for animals in various ways including with her words and actions. Their second son, Dexter, also joined in on the movement. Dexter became a vegan in the late 1980’s. He called his views on animal rights a “logical extension” of his father’s beliefs on non-violence. Shortly after, Dexter convinced his mother, Coretta Scott King, to become a vegan as well.

Ultimately more and more animal rights movements quickly continued to grow. To read more about Martin Luther King’s influence on animal advocates, click here!