MLK – A Large Influence On Animal Rights Movement


One of the most inspiring connections between Martin Luther King, Jr. and animals was on June 18th, 1964, when he was arrested and placed in a police car. Officers placed a German Shepherd in the vehicle with him as an attempt to intimidate, but instead Martin Luther King Jr. made friends with the dog.

Although Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have known direct involvement with animal issues, his courage and determination sparked inspiration for his family members.

After Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, his widow, Coretta Scott King, continued as many of his projects as she could. She also began advocating for animals in various ways including with her words and actions. Their second son, Dexter, also joined in on the movement. Dexter became a vegan in the late 1980’s. He called his views on animal rights a “logical extension” of his father’s beliefs on non-violence. Shortly after, Dexter convinced his mother, Coretta Scott King, to become a vegan as well.

Ultimately more and more animal rights movements quickly continued to grow. To read more about Martin Luther King’s influence on animal advocates, click here!

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