CBW Springfield’s Puppy Bowl Starting Line Up


The Super Bowl is this Sunday but, being the dog lovers that we are, we’re more excited for the Puppy Bowl!  The countdown to the starting kick-off got us thinking – who would our top picks be for our own team?

  • Pancake can catch any treat tossed in his direction! He is not afraid to stretch out for a wide toss and loves to hear his parents and Camp Counselors cheering when he makes those hard to reach catches.
  • Sage  would have no problem distracting the defense and opening up gaps for her teammates to run through! This girl is full of muscle and any Puppy Bowl team would be lucky to have her.
  • Griffin is full of energy and would be able to weave his way through any defense. His small stature and quick paws would make him near impossible to catch on the football field!

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