Tips To Prevent Puppy Nipping

Cheerful puppy Jack Russell terrier playfully biting the fingers of its ownerWe all love adorable puppies and know they are full of energy! We also know that, with energy, comes nipping and biting with sharp little teeth. While it may be cute while they are small, it is important to nip that habit while they are young! Here are a few tips from the American Kennel Club to help prevent nipping and biting:

  • Let your puppy know when they bite a little too hard. Make a loud, high pitched “ouch” when it happens, and then give a verbal praise or a treat when they back off.
  • When your puppy nips at you while you are playing, let them know it is unacceptable by stopping play – no matter what. This will tell them that biting will get them nowhere.
  • Give your puppy an alternative item to chew, such as a toy. It is natural for puppies to bite and nip, but redirecting it will help prevent them from using you as a chew toy.

Never physically punish your dog. Be patient, attentive, and look into puppy training classes if needed! Click here to read the full article from the American Kennel Club!


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