Meet Camp Counselor, Kayla!

CBW Kayla Coffer 2

Kayla was looking for a new job with a more paw-sitive atmosphere when she began working at Camp in July of 2015. Almost two years later and she is still a happy Camper!

Kayla enjoys being able to tell our clients about their dog’s stay at Camp. She loves getting to know the Campers and telling their parents fun stories about what they did and who they socialized with. Kayla also takes pride in setting up cabins for our dogs who are boarding with us. She takes her time and is sure to make their home away from home nice and cozy!

Kayla has two pups of her own. Maggie, a three-year old Pug, is her little ball of energy. Maggie loves coming to Camp, and playing with anyone and everyone – she has never met a stranger. Sophie, a nine-year old Chihuahua, is the complete opposite of Maggie. Sophie visits Camp occasionally, but would prefer to be at home cuddling with Kayla!

Outside of Camp, Kayla spends her free time reading, playing with Maggie and Sophie, and scrapbooking! Kayla is also in a bowling league that meets once a week. Bowling is a huge hobby of hers, which always makes her one of our first picks for our staff outings to the bowling alley!

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