Meet Channing!

CBW Channing Konieczny 2Channing initially heard about Camp through his girlfriend, Jess, and it did not take long for him to put in his application! Shortly after, Channing began working with us in August of 2015.

Channing’s favorite part of his day-to-day tasks is grooming. He enjoys giving our Campers baths and nail trims before sending them home at the end of the day! Channing is a team player and always goes above and beyond to help out co-workers. Whether it be inside or outside of Camp, Channing is always willing to extend a helping hand.

Channing is clearly an animal lover. He has two dogs, Myah and Bismarck (more commonly known as “Bizz”), who he brings to Camp with him occasionally. Myah is a very sweet but protective three-year-old Australian Shepherd/Brittany mix. She is a little shy but very, very lovable. Bizz is a ten-year-old Beagle/Coonhound mix who loves his naps! Don’t let his snoozin’ fool you, he is always up for a walk or belly rub.

Channing also has a one-year-old ferret named Uzo, and an active kitten named Captain. These boys are best friends and can always be found getting into various shenanigans throughout the house! Last but not least, Channing has two sugar gliders named Lilly and Tilly. They enjoy sleeping all day and playing all night – because they are nocturnal!

At home, Channing spends his free time with his animals, playing video games, going out to dinner with Jess, and getting used to being a dad – Channing and Jess recently welcomed baby Kai into their family! To say Channing stays busy would be an understatement!


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