Benefits Of Mental Stimulation At Camp

Two Happy DogsWe all need to work our brains, humans and animals alike. Behavioral issues generally creep up when a dog is bored. Sometimes we forget to take into consideration the fact that our dogs have brains just like us and those brains need a task to occupy them or their behavior can become destructive. That is where we come in!

While your dog is at Camp your dog is getting six to eight hours of play time (depending on what time you drop off and pick up). This means your Camper is getting six to eight hours of socialization and mental stimulation! On top of that, we sell Training Bundles that are full of mental stimulation activities that will keep your pup occupied when they aren’t at Camp. Each Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Squeak ‘N Treat Ooga
  • 1 Slap Happy Pogo Plush
  • 1 Training Treat Roll
  • 1 6” Bully Stick
  • FREE Mental Stimulation Activity

Dogs with separation anxiety also benefit from Camp because it allows them to socialize and keep busy which eases anxiety. The mental and physical stimulation from Camp will provide dual behavioral benefits as the Camp environment will tire your dog out both mentally and physically!

Next time you are at Camp, ask a Camp Counselor about the Training Bundles and how your pup does during play time!

Remember War Dogs This Memorial Day

Training Dogs Of WarMemorial Day is a federal holiday dedicated to remembering those who have lost their lives while serving in our country’s armed forces. Not only have there been countless people who have laid down their lives for us but countless dogs as well.

Dog have played a very important role throughout history supporting combat operations. Take a moment during your three-day weekend to remember the people and war dogs who sacrificed everything they had to be where we are today! For more information on war dogs, click here!

Meet Camp Counselor, Ben!

CBW Ben Taylor 2Ben started working at Camp in May of 2016, which means we are celebrating his One Year Anniversary with us! Ben grew up raising Labrador Retrievers so it is safe to say he has been a dog lover from the beginning.

Ben’s favorite part about his job is getting to know the Campers based off of their distinct personalities. Some dogs are full of energy and love to play! Other dogs are more reserved but can always be counted on to cuddle.

While Ben does not own any pets, he gets his dog-fix at work! The dogs he has become very close with at Camp make up for the absence of having a dog at home. Ben would eventually love to own a Great Dane!

Outside of Camp, Ben enjoys visiting local coffee shops with his wife and spending time with his in-laws. It is a rare occasion to see Ben without a book! He spends his free time studying any and all topics that interest him. Just a few of these topics are Christology, Epistemology, Ethics, Cosmology, and Biology!


Yappy Mother’s Day!

handshake between woman and dog - High Five - teamwork between girl dogWe appreciate you every day of the year but, on your special day your pups wanted to be sure and thank you for:

  • Feeding us
  • Taking us on walks
  • Cleaning up after us
  • Worrying about us
  • Buying us toys
  • Sharing the bed and couch
  • Giving us treats
  • Taking us to the Vet
  • Giving us belly rubs and ear scratches
  • Cuddling with us
  • Loving us

Most of all, thank you for taking us to Camp!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Fur Mama’s!

Meet Taylor M.!

CBW Taylor Malam 2Taylor recently started working with us in March of 2017, but don’t let that time frame fool you. She is a fast learner! She enjoys being around animals and caring for them, which is why she wanted to work at Camp. Taylor knew that this job would be fun and rewarding – We told you she catches on quick!

Taylor looks forward to her time in the play yards with all of the Campers! She enjoys group play and socialization because that is when the dog’s personalities really shine. Taylor loves the close interactions with the dogs!

At home, Taylor has a twelve-year old Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix named Donald. His age lets him fit into the typical “old man” stereotype! Donald mainly loves sleeping, sunbathing, and getting extra lovin’s and attention.

Taylor has a big passion for animals and painting. She mainly paints on canvas, but she enjoys painting pottery just as much!

Woofstock 2017

CBW Woofstock 2017 Collage

We were so happy to see over 30 of our clients at Woofstock this past weekend! Two of our clients even won contests! Sophie tied for first for “Biggest Dog” and Harley won “Best Dressed”.

Thank you so much for coming out and supporting Camp Bow Wow at our first event of the year! Here’s to a year filled with many more events!

Good Canine Behavior

Portrait of two young dogs playing in the meadowAs dog owners, we know how much time and effort goes into training your pups! We also know that maintaining these habits is not easy. That is why we work hard to enforce good canine behavior in all of our Campers!

While your dog is at Camp, they spend the majority of their time interacting and socializing with other dogs. We always have a Camp Counselor monitoring the play yards! We take play yard management very seriously, and always encourage your pup to be on their best behavior!