Meet Camp Counselor, Ben!

CBW Ben Taylor 2Ben started working at Camp in May of 2016, which means we are celebrating his One Year Anniversary with us! Ben grew up raising Labrador Retrievers so it is safe to say he has been a dog lover from the beginning.

Ben’s favorite part about his job is getting to know the Campers based off of their distinct personalities. Some dogs are full of energy and love to play! Other dogs are more reserved but can always be counted on to cuddle.

While Ben does not own any pets, he gets his dog-fix at work! The dogs he has become very close with at Camp make up for the absence of having a dog at home. Ben would eventually love to own a Great Dane!

Outside of Camp, Ben enjoys visiting local coffee shops with his wife and spending time with his in-laws. It is a rare occasion to see Ben without a book! He spends his free time studying any and all topics that interest him. Just a few of these topics are Christology, Epistemology, Ethics, Cosmology, and Biology!


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