Benefits Of Mental Stimulation At Camp

Two Happy DogsWe all need to work our brains, humans and animals alike. Behavioral issues generally creep up when a dog is bored. Sometimes we forget to take into consideration the fact that our dogs have brains just like us and those brains need a task to occupy them or their behavior can become destructive. That is where we come in!

While your dog is at Camp your dog is getting six to eight hours of play time (depending on what time you drop off and pick up). This means your Camper is getting six to eight hours of socialization and mental stimulation! On top of that, we sell Training Bundles that are full of mental stimulation activities that will keep your pup occupied when they aren’t at Camp. Each Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Squeak ‘N Treat Ooga
  • 1 Slap Happy Pogo Plush
  • 1 Training Treat Roll
  • 1 6” Bully Stick
  • FREE Mental Stimulation Activity

Dogs with separation anxiety also benefit from Camp because it allows them to socialize and keep busy which eases anxiety. The mental and physical stimulation from Camp will provide dual behavioral benefits as the Camp environment will tire your dog out both mentally and physically!

Next time you are at Camp, ask a Camp Counselor about the Training Bundles and how your pup does during play time!

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