Meet Camp Counselor, Lacy!

CBW Lacy Gregory 2Lacy was excited with the idea of being able to play and work with dogs for her job when she started in December of 2015. Fast forward to now, a year-and-a-half later, and she is still just as excited to come to work each day!

Lacy loves every size and breed of dog, which means she loves each and every Camper! She always takes the time to get to know the dogs and their distinct personalities each day she is at Camp. You can always find Lacy in a play yard loving on all of our pups!

At home, Lacy has a seven-year old Golden Retriever named Copper! Copper is a very loving and cuddly girl. She loves swimming, chasing squirrels, going on long walks at the park, playing fetch, and going to Camp!

In her free time, Lacy enjoys nature and being outdoors – especially with Copper! She goes to the lake as much as she can, and loves spending time with her family and friends. Lacy is a senior in the IB Program at Central High School. She stays busy throughout the school year playing soccer, the flute, and working at Camp!


Bow Wow Buddies Foundation


Many of you have probably heard about the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation around Christmas time and our 2nd Anniversary Paw-ty. Although it is heavily promoted during the holidays and our special events, you can always donate!

The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides urgent funds to dogs in need. Basically, the money you donate goes directly towards paying veterinary bills for homeless, sick, or injured dogs.

Since 2007, over $150,000 dollars have been raised. With your help, that number will keep growing! Next time you are at Camp, ask us about how you can donate to the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation or check out the website here!


Camp Counselor’s Favorite Music Artist

Funny dachshund dog listening to music.

We all have one thing in common around here, and that is how much we love dogs. When we break it down though, we all have a different taste in music. Here are a few of our Camp Counselor’s favorite musicians:

  • Hailey – The Killers
  • Ruby – Miranda Lambert
  • Alex – The Black Keys
  • Jordan – Gwen Stefani
  • Rachel – Gorillaz
  • Chelsey S. – Panic! At The Disco
  • Carsen – Kenny Chesney
  • Chelsea – Lil’ Wayne
  • Chelsey M. – Queen With Freddy
  • Daphne – Bruno Mars

Who is your favorite artist?

Be Mindful Of The Hazards That Come With Summer

cute poodle chihuahua mix senior female dog rolling in clover grSummer is known for being hot, hot, hot! When you are out and about with your fur-iend this summer, keep in mind these hazards that come with warm weather:

  • Dehydration – Make sure your dog has access to water – Inside and outside! Don’t forget to refill the bowls with cool water regularly.
  • Outside Critters – While most may be harmless, one can never be too safe! Keep your yard tidy and avoid areas that have tall grass/junk piles (where critters like to keep cool).
  • Sidewalks – It is easy to forget about how hot the sidewalks get because we are wearing shoes, but think twice before you take your pup on a long walk! Scout out routes that have shade/grassy areas so that the pads of your dog’s feet don’t have to be on the pavement for long periods of time.
  • Cars – We are all guilty of running an errand and leaving our fur-children in the car. The summer heat makes cars get extremely hot very quickly, so avoid leaving them in the car all together!
  • Heat – Don’t leave your dog outside for extended periods of time. Even if they have water, make sure they have access to the air conditioning so they can cool down!

Yappy Father’s Day!

Cool Dog Playing With His Owner

We appreciate you every day of the year but, on your special day your pups wanted to be sure and thank you for:

  • Playing fetch with us
  • Taking us on outdoor adventures
  • Letting us help you with yard work
  • Sharing the bed and couch with us
  • Taking us to the Vet
  • Giving us treats
  • Giving us belly rubs and ear scratches
  • Cuddling with us
  • Loving us

Most of all, thank you for taking us to Camp!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our paw-some Dads!

Meet Our Foster Dog Rochay!

CBW Rochay Foster CollageRochay, also known as “Shay”, is a medium/large two-year old Shepherd mix. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, she has beautiful blue eyes that will steal your heart!

Rochay plays in Pancake’s Play Yard and is very social and energetic. It took her a couple of days to get comfortable, but with a little patience and a lot of love she warmed right up!

If you’re looking for a dog who loves people, going on walks, water, and getting attention, Rochay is your girl! She is good on a leash and enjoys sunbathing in the grass in the middle of her walks.

Rochay is available for adoption through The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri. Stop by Camp and ask to meet her today!


June Camper Of The Month, Bailey!

CBW Bailey Crist June COM CollageBailey is a five-year old Poodle mix who has been coming to Camp since March of 2016! He is full of cuddles! After his mom drops him off, Bailey always gets snuggle sessions from all of his Camp Counselors – especially when it’s cold outside. Trust us, you would adore Bailey if you met him too! He is easy to love.

Bailey helps supervise Sandy’s Play Yard every time he is at Camp. He always greets his friends (humans and dogs) with a friendly tail wag and those sweet puppy dog eyes! We are excited to kick off summer with Bailey as our Camper of the Month!