Camp Counselors’ Favorite Foods

Dog Eating A The Table With Food BowlWe spend a lot of time feeding the pups here at Camp. Every time they get excited to eat, we can’t help but think about how much we love our favorite foods! Here are some of our Camp Counselors’ favorites:

  • Ruby – Texas Roadhouse Rolls
  • Chelsea W. – Tacos
  • Jordan – Sushi
  • Alex – Snickerdoodle Cookies
  • Carsen – Pizza
  • Addie – Potatoes
  • Channing – Ice Cream
  • Claire – Guacamole
  • Jacob – Gummy Worms
  • Chelsey S. – Cashew Chicken

What is your favorite food?!

Play Yards At Camp

three dogs in front of white backgroundSome of the most common questions clients ask us here at Camp revolve around who their dog will be playing with while they are in the play yards. The answer to these questions are pretty simple – your dog will be playing with dogs similar in size and temperament to themselves!

We have multiple play yards divided first by breed and size and then distributed out by temperament accordingly. The Camp Counselors in each yard are monitoring the play yards at all times and communicating frequently with each other so they can move Campers around based upon their energy levels.

Don’t be surprised if your Camper switches between play yards throughout their stay or each time they come to Camp. It is totally normal and it means they get to make even more friends in the different yards!

Meet Camp Counselor Jacob!

Jacob Gray 2Jacob heard about Camp through his friend Rachel who just so happens to be one of our Shift Leaders! He liked the idea of a flexible work schedule seeing as he is a busy college student and decided to join the team.

Jacob’s family always owned small dogs when he was growing up. However, since starting his job here at Camp, he quickly found a love for bigger dogs as well. One of his long-term goals is to have a house large enough for a big dog someday.

Jacob’s favorite part of his job at Camp Bow Wow is getting to meet and play with all of the new Campers that come in each day. He loves introducing the Interviews to the play yards and watching their personalities shine as they make new friends!

Jacob has two dogs at home. The first is an eleven-year-old Shih Tzu named Bingo. Like most older dogs, Bingo enjoys napping throughout the day. Beans is Jacob’s second dog, who is an energetic puppy who loves socks. If he does not hide them, he can usually be found chewing them up!

When Jacob is not at work, he spends time playing Nintendo games with friends, and eating Chinese takeout. Jacob is currently studying Accounting at Missouri State University.

Weekend Day Camp

running dogsCamp is always fun but there is something special about play dates with fur-iends on the weekend! We are open from 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Our weekend boarders make great playmates and would love to have the extra company!

If your weekend plans have been taking a back seat to worrying about your dog being home alone, worry no longer. No need to call and make a reservation. Just pop in and let your Camper play for the day!

Vizsla Doppelgängers

CBW Vizsla PartyEvery now and then we have two dogs at Camp that make us do a double take in the play yards. This week we broke a personal record. We had four Vizsla’s that were all but identical! FOUR! Talk about seeing double.

Jax, Maverick, Jett, and Henry all stayed the night with us this weekend! These boys romped around in Pancake’s Play Yard and played non-stop. They definitely kept their Camp Counselors busy, and reminded them of the importance of name tags!

Bedtime Belly Rubs And Campfire Treats!

While you are more than welcome to pack your dog’s treats from home when they board with us, we like to give them a little something special from us!

cbw-campfire-treats-2We make what we call “Campfire Treats”, and pass them out at bedtime to your Campers. Campfire Treats are simply two Milk-Bone® treats with peanut butter between them, but made with a lot of love! This is why we double check that your Camper does not have food allergies at boarding check-in.

The Camp Counselors go around and tuck every Camper into bed for the night and give them some bedtime belly rubs with their treat. Sleep tight, Campers!


July Camper Of The Month, Tegan!

CBW Spfd July COM Tegan CrispTegan is a one-year old Siberian Husky who is full of spunk and energy! Tegan recently started coming to Camp in February of 2017, but his paw-sitivity stole our hearts from day one.

At Camp Tegan comes running in with his tail wagging and ready to play! He can hardly wait to get to the play yards, say “hi” to all of his friends, and start socializing.

As you can see, Tegan loves the camera! He is always the first one to round up his friends for a quick photo shoot. Tegan does not know a stranger in the play yards!

Tegan’s vibrant personality is lighting up Camp like a firework this month!