Prima Bathing System

PrimaWe are extremely excited to tell everyone about our new Prima Bathing System. Whether you schedule your Camper for a Basic Bath or Hydro Bath, your pup will be getting a top-notch cleanse!

During the bath, oxygen is mixed under pressure with the shampoo and water solution so that when it is released into the coat, it is fully activated for cleansing. The air-injected, low-volume, high-pressure applicator enhances the ability of the shampoo to cut through the oil and dirt clinging to the pet’s coat and skin, for a cleansing you simply cannot get with other methods.

We can get your pup cleaned up after a day of Day Camp, a night of boarding, or a walk-in! Just give us a call to schedule a session today. Our phone number is 417-882-9247!


Meet Camp Counselor Bella!

Bella Blade 2Bella joined our Pack in January of 2018 because Camp’s atmosphere and environment looked like a paw-fect fit for her!

Prior to working at Camp, Bella managed her grandfather’s cattle ranch. She has experience training the ranch dogs from puppies to adulthood, and practiced unique techniques to get them to obey without discipline. Bella proudly uses those helpful tools every day at Camp!

Bella’s favorite part of her job is the Campers. She loves that no matter what mood she’s in, she can always find dogs that make her feel better. Bella also loves her co-workers! She knows that as long as she shows up in a red Camp shirt and has a good attitude, she’s bound to have a dog gone good day!

At home Bella has four pets, two dogs and two cats! Tattoo Magoo is the oldest member of the family. He is a seven-year old brindle Boxer, with one of the worst cases of stinky breathe ever. Tattoo Magoo is just about as awkward as they come, but he just loves to love. Baxter is her most recent rescue. He is a one-year old Labrador Retriever/Greyhound mix. Prior to Bella rescuing him, he was kept in a cage most of his life so when it comes to energy, he has plenty! Baxter is full of joy and spunk and never lets his past get him down. He literally attaches himself to any human and/or dog he meets!

Bella’s two cats are rescue brothers named Ichabod and Thunder. Bella is known for going around her house and announcing every day how they are the literal loves of her life because, well, they are! Ichabod and Thunder give her all of the snuggles and kisses she needs. The boys are complete opposites, but use that in their favor to even one another out. They have been inseparable since birth, and they have every intention of keeping it that way!

Outside of Camp, Bella enjoys longboarding, biking, and being outdoors. She also recently just got into hammocking! Bella loves to go to the lake or river with friends, and especially loves hanging with her animals.

What To Pack For Overnight Camp

Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, or a weekend getaway, we know packing can be stressful! We want your fur children to be comfortable during their vacation with us, so check out these tips on what to pack for your pup!


  1. homeless dog holding a blue big bagFood – We will ask for specific feeding instructions to make sure we keep your pup on his regular feeding schedule.
  2. Toys – Bring a few of her favorites, just to make her feel a little more at home.
  3. Bed – There is a spacious cot in each Cabin but we encourage you to bring a little extra cushion to make the stay even more comfortable.
  4. Blankets – We all sleep better with a cozy blanket to snuggle up to, don’t we?
  5. Medicine – We can administer pills and liquids.
  6. Treats – We love giving your pup treats just as much as you do!

We provide food and water bowls, and a Campfire Treat before bed. Each Camper has an individual Cabin to call their own while they are at Camp, so feel free to pack anything you think will make your four-legged friend the most comfortable!


Warm Weather & Pup Pools

CBW Pool Pic CollageWe’re sure you can guess how excited we are… summer is finally here and our pup pools are out and ready for play!

Whether it be for Day Camp or boarding, your dogs will be soaking up the sun and lounging by the pool! The water is cool, so it helps keep your Campers from getting too hot. Bring your pups in for a fun-filled day at Camp!

4th Of July Reservations

Pug On The Background Of The American Flag. Beautiful Beige PuppWe all know holidays sneak up on us, so here is a friendly reminder to make your 4th of July reservations!

We will be open that day for boarding drop off and pick up only from 7 AM – 11 AM and 4 PM – 7 PM. We will be open regular hours the days before and after the 4th!

Make your reservation next time you stop by Camp or give us a call at 417-882-9247!

June Camper Of The Month, Murphy!

Murphy Davidson CollageMurphy is a handsome five-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has been coming to Camp since October of 2017!

Murphy comes trotting in Camp every morning and is all business – ready to play! He gets impatient with us humans because his Camp Counselors spend too much time socializing with his mom. He knows we are cutting into valuable play time!

After spending all day romping around with his friends, Murphy is exhausted by the time his mom picks him up. He happily wiggles his adorable Corgi butt straight to the car for a quick nap on the car ride home!

We love Murphy’s spunky personality!

Five Things To Do With Your Pup This Summer

CBW Summer ActivitesSummer is FINALLY here and if you’re like us, we are always looking for things to do with our dogs! Here are our top five ways to spend some quality time with our favorite four-legged friends this season:

  • Visit local parks -Trails, dog parks, state parks – you get the point. Even if it means you have to drive a little out of the way, pack up the pup and get outside!
  • Mark your calendar for fun dog events – Be on the lookout for events that either revolve around dogs or welcome dogs. It may only take an hour or two, but it will be for a good cause!
  • Get your own pup pool – Wal-Mart sells kiddie pools that are about ankle deep. Simply fill it up and let your dog play! It is a great way for them to cool off after (or during) a game of fetch, or whenever it is just plain hot outside.
  • Treat your dog to a pup cone – Ice cream always tastes better during summer. Whenever you stop to get yourself a sweet treat, grab your pup one too! A little vanilla ice cream never hurt anybody!
  • Bring them to Camp – If you have errands to run and you don’t want to leave your fur-iend behind, drop them off for a day of Day Camp! We guarantee they won’t be mad at you for spoiling them with a fun day of play every now and then.