Meet Shift Leader Chelsey S.!

Chelsey Spradling 2Chelsey was looking to further her experience with animals when she joined our Pack in May of 2017. She thought Camp would be a good fit for her based on her love for animals, and she was right! Chelsey’s favorite part of her job is knowing every day she is going to be greeted by sloppy kisses from all of the Campers!

At home, Chelsey has a one-year-old Domestic Short-haired cat named Gooseberry. Gooseberry loves to climb her tower and play with anything that rolls and makes noise. After days filled with playing, she always settles down to cuddle!

Chelsey is studying Animal Science with a minor in Companion Animals at Missouri State University. She has had several classes and hands-on experience with companion animal behavior and training.

In her free time, Chelsey enjoys visiting her family at their farm. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and exploring caves with friends. Chelsey also dedicates her time to furthering her education by volunteering at the Dickerson Park Zoo and doing ride-alongs with the Springfield Animal Control. In her downtime, she likes to kick back, relax, and read a good book or play video games!

Nosework With Dagon

Dagon CollageDagon is a five-year old Beagle mix rescue from the Humane Society Of Southwest Missouri who has been coming to Camp since February of 2015. While he loves the Camp life and romping around the yards with his sister, Echo, Dagon is not your average Camper!

When Dagon was a puppy and adolescent dog, he walked in front of his owner, Michelle, pulled on his leash, and had his nose to the ground all the time. Michelle wanted to find something to encourage this, since it came so natural. Dagon needed a job!

In the summer of 2016 Michelle took a nosework class at Springfield MO Dog Training Club. They train you to train your dog to detect different odors. The odors can be hidden on vehicles, in a container, an outside area, an indoor room or buried in dirt. The sport is modeled after law enforcement and military detection dogs. Dagon’s body and puppy brain get exercise at the same time. It’s great for high energy and high drive dogs!

At a trial, the judge puts scented oil on a q-tip or cotton ball and hides it. The judge tells you where your search area is before you go in with your dog. Your dog has to tell you where the odor is and you have to tell the judge when your dog finds it, but you don’t know where the odor is – You have to trust your dog!

Searches are timed. Teams that find the odors within the time frame are given a qualifying ribbon, additional ‘bonus ribbons’ are awarded to the top four fastest search times. Teams must earn two qualifying ribbons to title and move up to the next level!

UKC (United Kennel Club), AKC (American Kennel Club) and NACSW (National Association of Canine Scentwork) sponsor trials, and your dog has to be registered with the kennel club or NACSW before you enter. Mixed breeds and purebred dogs can enter trials!

Michelle will be the first one to tell you that this sport saved Dagon by increasing confidence and reducing anxiety. And more importantly, Dagon loves it! It’s also great for Michelle as the dog owner because she gets to meet other people who share the same interest in their dogs. Even though the trial is a competition, she cheers for other dog owners and their dogs, and they want TeamDagon to succeed too!

We love hearing about Dagon’s competitions. Dagon comes to Camp between competitions to socialize and get out some extra energy. We are proud he is a part of our Pack!

February Is American Heart Month

Beauty woman with her pet - dog golden retriever playing outdoors.Health and exercise are important year round, but we don’t think it is a coincidence American Heart Month is so close to the start of each new year! While you are focusing on maintaining a regular exercise routine for yourself and your family, don’t forget about your pup!

Animal Wellness magazine says it best: Regular physical exercise is crucial for maintaining health and preserving youth. Muscle mass maintenance, regular resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning with a brisk walk or light run support longevity and quality of life. To read the full article, click here!

We understand that life gets crazy, which is where Camp Bow Wow comes to the rescue! Our open play environment allows your pup to play with other Campers all day. Let them get the exercise they need while playing with their friends! Drop them off at Camp and keep your pup active!

February Camper Of The Month Gwen!

Gwen Collage 2Gwendolyn, more commonly known as Gwen, is a one-year-old Brussels Griffon mix who first stole our hearts when she came to Camp in April! With her floppy ear and adorable snaggle tooth, we can’t help but fall in love with Gwen every time she comes to play.

Gwen has a very sweet but energetic demeanor. She is always making new friends and socializing with her buddies in Sandy’s Play Yard. Of course, she always makes time for belly rubs from her Camp Counselors – she can’t get enough!  It’s safe to say we are crushing on Gwen this month!

Warm Up Package Benefits

happily running little puppyAre you a new client? Have you heard about our awesome Warm Up Package? Our Campers are excited about it! The idea behind it is to get you and your pup introduced to Camp for both Day Camp and Boarding at a discounted price.

The Warm Up Package includes:

  • Five FULL days of Day Camp
  • One BONUS day to be used within seven days if purchased on the day of your Camper’s Interview!

All of these services go on your account so you can use them whenever you want at your own pace. But we have a feeling you will use them quicker than you think. Let us get you started on our Warm Up Package today!

Facts About Canine Cough

Havanese Dog. Black and White Havanese dog sits in a blue dog beCanine Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) is a contagious upper-respiratory infection spread by an air-borne virus. We know that sounds scary but basically, it’s the doggy version of our human cold!

Common symptoms of Canine Cough include a hacking cough (sometimes with a white foamy mucus product), sneezing, and nasal discharge. The virus can be present anywhere so it is always a good idea to keep your pup’s Bordetella vaccination up to date!

With over 100 different strains of Canine Cough, Camp Bow Wow requires all of our Campers to have the Bordetella vaccination. The Bordetella vaccination is used to prevent Canine Cough, but due to the high number of strains, it is impossible to prevent against every single one of them. If you see your pup show signs consistent with Canine Cough, we always encourage you to visit your vet so you can get your pup feeling better again!

Feel free to contact us or your vet if you have any questions or concerns about Canine Cough!

Meet Camp Counselor Carley!

Carley Milberg 2Carley joined our Pack in May of 2017! She found out about Camp from her roommate (and one of our previous Shift Leaders) Adrienne. Adrienne used to bring Carley’s dog Pongo to Camp on a regular basis. When Adrienne moved away, Carley happened to be looking for a new job but also wanted Pongo to continue to have socialization and exercise each week. There wasn’t a better option than to work at Camp!

Carley’s favorite part of her job is that each day is a little different than the others. We’re constantly meeting new dogs and Carley is always in different play yards, which means she gets to play with all different sizes – from the smallest to the biggest!

Pongo is Carley’s two-year-old Great Pyrenees/Husky/Boxer/Lab (AKA her mutt mix). Pongo is quite the character and has many animated expressions, some that will show sass every once in a while! Pongo loves snuggles, belly rubs, treats, and other dogs.

Carley is studying Art Education and Photography at Missouri State University. As you could guess, Carley enjoys doodling, taking pictures, and just about anything that allows her to create art! She also spends her free time going to movies, finding fun recipes to cook, and going 0n long walks/hikes with Pongo when the weather is warm!