24 Hour Monitoring At Camp

Dog Jack Russell Terrier And Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieSome of the most frequent questions we get at Camp are about our overnight monitoring. Rest assured, we have a very strong security system watching over your Campers 24/7!

We used to have Camp Counselors stay overnight with the pups, but we found that the dogs didn’t sleep well. We were not a good distraction, and it led to grumpy dogs the next day – kind of like toddlers! Dogs need sleep just as much as humans. Monday through Friday we leave at 7 PM, and weekends we leave at 6 PM. We come back first thing in the morning and get their day of play started bright and early!

Our security system is top notch! We have heat sensors that notify us if it gets too hot or too cold, they can dispatch the police and fire department in the case of an emergency, and our cameras are recording at all times. In short, your Camper is well protected while they are snoozing the night away!

How To Check In On Your Favorite Camper!

New Camper Cams (3)One of our favorite features at Camp is the user-friendly Camper Cams! Whether you are running errands, working or on vacation, it is easy to watch your pup play in the play yards – for free! All you need is a smartphone or computer!

Follow these simple steps to access our cameras:


  1. Download the Camp Bow Wow app in your App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Select “Camper Cams”.
  3. Scroll down to Missouri.
  4. Select “Springfield”.
  5. Favorite your location by tapping the white paw print in the upper right corner (when it turns red, you’ve got it!).
  6. Select your furry friend’s play yard.
  7. Enjoy!


  1. Go to http://www.campbowwow.com/springfield.
  2. Select “Live Web Cams”.
  3. On the left side under the red “Camper Cams” box, use the drop-down box to select your pup’s play yard.
  4. Click “Snap Shot” to take pictures of your dog playing with Camp friends!

Don’t forget to ask the Front Yard staff at drop off where your favorite Camper will be playing!


New Camper Cams

New Cameras CollageThe long anticipated NEW Camper Cams are here! They are a much higher resolution, so you are able to see your pups (and their BFFs) better. The new cameras also have a wide dynamic range, which means you can see more of the play yard!

We also now have a Dog’s Eye View! This way you can see the Play Yards from the angle of your Camper. How fun is that?!

With all of that being said… new cameras come with new computers! We are moving on up and can’t wait for you to enjoy these upgrades with us!

Download our app for your phone, or check out our Camper Cams here!

Play Yards At Camp

three dogs in front of white backgroundSome of the most common questions clients ask us here at Camp revolve around who their dog will be playing with while they are in the play yards. The answer to these questions are pretty simple – your dog will be playing with dogs similar in size and temperament to themselves!

We have multiple play yards divided first by breed and size and then distributed out by temperament accordingly. The Camp Counselors in each yard are monitoring the play yards at all times and communicating frequently with each other so they can move Campers around based upon their energy levels.

Don’t be surprised if your Camper switches between play yards throughout their stay or each time they come to Camp. It is totally normal and it means they get to make even more friends in the different yards!

Vizsla Doppelgängers

CBW Vizsla PartyEvery now and then we have two dogs at Camp that make us do a double take in the play yards. This week we broke a personal record. We had four Vizsla’s that were all but identical! FOUR! Talk about seeing double.

Jax, Maverick, Jett, and Henry all stayed the night with us this weekend! These boys romped around in Pancake’s Play Yard and played non-stop. They definitely kept their Camp Counselors busy, and reminded them of the importance of name tags!