April Campers Of The Month – Rocko & Winnie!

Rocko & Winnie CollageAs far as housemates go, Winnie and Rocko are two of our all-time favorites! Rocko is a fourteen-year-old Siberian Husky, and Winnie is two-year-old Cockapoo.

Winnie and Rocko board regularly here at Camp, which is fine by us! We love being their home away from home. These adorable Campers are best friends. Even though they play in separate play yards, they always find each other through the fence to check in and say hi to each other throughout the day!

Rocko is very vocal and is always singing (howling) to his pals. Winnie is a little cuddle bug, but can also be found romping around with her friends. Winnie and Rocko are truly a dynamic duo!

We are obsessed with these paw-some siblings!

March Camper Of The Month Benny!

Benny CollageBenny is a four-year-old Labrador Retriever who has been coming to Camp since June 2017, and we have been smitten with him since!

Benny is a very active Camper. He paw-ticipates in all of our activities – inside and outside of Camp. Benny loves visiting our booth at local events!

Benny is just an all-around guy. He loves romping around the play yards with his pals, but will always take a break to pose for pictures for his Camp Counselors! Benny is our pot of gold this month!

February Camper Of The Month Gwen!

Gwen Collage 2Gwendolyn, more commonly known as Gwen, is a one-year-old Brussels Griffon mix who first stole our hearts when she came to Camp in April! With her floppy ear and adorable snaggle tooth, we can’t help but fall in love with Gwen every time she comes to play.

Gwen has a very sweet but energetic demeanor. She is always making new friends and socializing with her buddies in Sandy’s Play Yard. Of course, she always makes time for belly rubs from her Camp Counselors – she can’t get enough!  It’s safe to say we are crushing on Gwen this month!

January Camper Of The Month Duke!

Duke Mealy CollageDuke is a six-year old Anatolian Shepherd who has been coming to Camp since March of 2017! Duke can usually be found in Homer’s Play Yard romping around and supervising the yard, but he always makes time for a nap or two throughout the day.

Duke is a very snuggly big guy. He loves attention from his human friends so much that he talks to us. Duke howls any time he has something important to say – which is all the time! We are super excited to start off 2018 on the right paw with Duke as our Camper of the Month!

December Camper Of The Month – Maverick!

Maverick CollageMaverick is an adorable Shih Tzu who has been coming to Camp since March of 2016! Maverick visits mainly for Day Camp, but every now and then talks his parents into letting him stay the night with us. He can’t get enough of Camp!

Maverick can barely contain his excitement when he gets here. He can’t help but let out excited squeals as we are taking him to the play yard! We can’t walk fast enough for him! We love Maverick’s sweet personality. We are putting Maverick at the top of our Nice List this month!

Precious, Our November Camper Of The Month!

Precious CollagePrecious is a ten-year-old Miniature Poodle. She is one of our smallest Campers but you would never guess that based on her personality! Precious has been a Camper since September of 2011.

Her name says it all… she is as precious as can be! Precious is also very talkative, she can be found romping around Sandy’s Play Yard talking to all of her friends. She also enjoys getting fresh air and letting her hair blow in the wind.

Precious is a little bundle of energy! We are extra thankful to have her as our November Camper of the Month!

October Camper Of The Month, Woggie!

Woggie CollageWoggie has been a Membership client since she first visited Camp in July! Woggie’s mom is going to school, which mean Woggie gets to play all day while her mom studies!

Woggie enjoys the early morning breeze as her mom drives her to Camp. She uses her height to her advantage and pops her head out through the sunroof! Woggie never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.

We often refer to Woggie as our gentle giant. She has such a sweet demeanor – towards dogs and humans! She has a lot of friends, but her Camp boyfriend is a Leonberger named Ralph. Woggie has been a perfect addition to our Pack!