October Camper Of The Month, Woggie!

Woggie CollageWoggie has been a Membership client since she first visited Camp in July! Woggie’s mom is going to school, which mean Woggie gets to play all day while her mom studies!

Woggie enjoys the early morning breeze as her mom drives her to Camp. She uses her height to her advantage and pops her head out through the sunroof! Woggie never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.

We often refer to Woggie as our gentle giant. She has such a sweet demeanor – towards dogs and humans! She has a lot of friends, but her Camp boyfriend is a Leonberger named Ralph. Woggie has been a perfect addition to our Pack!

July Camper Of The Month, Tegan!

CBW Spfd July COM Tegan CrispTegan is a one-year old Siberian Husky who is full of spunk and energy! Tegan recently started coming to Camp in February of 2017, but his paw-sitivity stole our hearts from day one.

At Camp Tegan comes running in with his tail wagging and ready to play! He can hardly wait to get to the play yards, say “hi” to all of his friends, and start socializing.

As you can see, Tegan loves the camera! He is always the first one to round up his friends for a quick photo shoot. Tegan does not know a stranger in the play yards!

Tegan’s vibrant personality is lighting up Camp like a firework this month!

What To Pack For Overnight Camp

Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, or a weekend getaway, we know packing can be stressful! We want your fur children to be comfortable during their vacation with us, so check out these tips on what to pack for your pup!


  1. homeless dog holding a blue big bagFood – We will ask for specific feeding instructions to make sure we keep your pup on his regular feeding schedule.
  2. Toys – Bring a few of his favorites, just to make him feel a little more at home.
  3. Bed – There is a spacious cot in each Cabin but we encourage you to bring a little extra cushion to make the stay even more comfortable.
  4. Blankets – We all sleep better with a cozy blanket to snuggle up to, don’t we?
  5. Medicine – We can administer pills and liquids.
  6. Treats – We love giving your pup treats just as much as you do!

We provide food and water bowls, and a Campfire Treat before bed. Each Camper has an individual Cabin to call their own while they are at Camp, so feel free to pack anything you think will make your four-legged friend the most comfortable!


June Camper Of The Month, Bailey!

CBW Bailey Crist June COM CollageBailey is a five-year old Poodle mix who has been coming to Camp since March of 2016! He is full of cuddles! After his mom drops him off, Bailey always gets snuggle sessions from all of his Camp Counselors – especially when it’s cold outside. Trust us, you would adore Bailey if you met him too! He is easy to love.

Bailey helps supervise Sandy’s Play Yard every time he is at Camp. He always greets his friends (humans and dogs) with a friendly tail wag and those sweet puppy dog eyes! We are excited to kick off summer with Bailey as our Camper of the Month!

May Camper Of The Month, Freya!

CBW Freya May COMFreya has been a Camper since August of 2016 when she immediately became a Membership client. Now, we love getting the chance to see Miss Freya Monday through Friday every week! Each morning, Freya steals some cuddles from her Camp Counselors and then eats breakfast before the morning play time.

Freya is a social butterfly in the play yards. She is always excited to introduce new Campers to Sandy’s Play Yard and show them the ropes! Although Freya is one of our smallest Campers, she has one of the biggest personalities. She has stolen the hearts of her Camp Counselors and can always talk us into an extra cuddle session. We can’t imagine Camp without Freya!

April Camper Of The Month, Daisy!

CBW Daisy B CollageDaisy is a sweet one-and-a-half-year old Labrador Retriever. She started coming to Camp in June of 2016 and has not slowed down since! She comes through our door as fast as she can ready to get back to Pancake’s Play Yard. While in the play yards, Daisy plays non-stop! She runs circles around the other Campers and brings nothing but paw-sitive energy.

It is not always easy convincing Daisy to leave Camp at the end of the day. In fact, it takes a treat or two to get her attention long enough for us to put on her leash! While it is hard saying goodbye, we know she is always looking forward to her next visit! We love Daisy and her energetic personality!

March Camper Of The Month, D!


D is a sweet Australian Shepherd mix who became a regular boarder here at Camp in September of 2016. D is a very laid back pup, and that smile never leaves her face! While her parents take fun trips, D gets to take vacations to Camp.

She plays non-stop in Charlie’s Play Yard, but also enjoys nap time in her cabin! D’s tail rarely stops wagging, and she enjoys giving kisses to her Camp Counselors when she slows down for more than a couple seconds. D is our pot of gold at the end of our rainbow this month!