Nosework With Dagon

Dagon CollageDagon is a five-year old Beagle mix rescue from the Humane Society Of Southwest Missouri who has been coming to Camp since February of 2015. While he loves the Camp life and romping around the yards with his sister, Echo, Dagon is not your average Camper!

When Dagon was a puppy and adolescent dog, he walked in front of his owner, Michelle, pulled on his leash, and had his nose to the ground all the time. Michelle wanted to find something to encourage this, since it came so natural. Dagon needed a job!

In the summer of 2016 Michelle took a nosework class at Springfield MO Dog Training Club. They train you to train your dog to detect different odors. The odors can be hidden on vehicles, in a container, an outside area, an indoor room or buried in dirt. The sport is modeled after law enforcement and military detection dogs. Dagon’s body and puppy brain get exercise at the same time. It’s great for high energy and high drive dogs!

At a trial, the judge puts scented oil on a q-tip or cotton ball and hides it. The judge tells you where your search area is before you go in with your dog. Your dog has to tell you where the odor is and you have to tell the judge when your dog finds it, but you don’t know where the odor is – You have to trust your dog!

Searches are timed. Teams that find the odors within the time frame are given a qualifying ribbon, additional ‘bonus ribbons’ are awarded to the top four fastest search times. Teams must earn two qualifying ribbons to title and move up to the next level!

UKC (United Kennel Club), AKC (American Kennel Club) and NACSW (National Association of Canine Scentwork) sponsor trials, and your dog has to be registered with the kennel club or NACSW before you enter. Mixed breeds and purebred dogs can enter trials!

Michelle will be the first one to tell you that this sport saved Dagon by increasing confidence and reducing anxiety. And more importantly, Dagon loves it! It’s also great for Michelle as the dog owner because she gets to meet other people who share the same interest in their dogs. Even though the trial is a competition, she cheers for other dog owners and their dogs, and they want TeamDagon to succeed too!

We love hearing about Dagon’s competitions. Dagon comes to Camp between competitions to socialize and get out some extra energy. We are proud he is a part of our Pack!

Meet Camp Counselor Carley!

Carley Milberg 2Carley joined our Pack in May of 2017! She found out about Camp from her roommate (and one of our previous Shift Leaders) Adrienne. Adrienne used to bring Carley’s dog Pongo to Camp on a regular basis. When Adrienne moved away, Carley happened to be looking for a new job but also wanted Pongo to continue to have socialization and exercise each week. There wasn’t a better option than to work at Camp!

Carley’s favorite part of her job is that each day is a little different than the others. We’re constantly meeting new dogs and Carley is always in different play yards, which means she gets to play with all different sizes – from the smallest to the biggest!

Pongo is Carley’s two-year-old Great Pyrenees/Husky/Boxer/Lab (AKA her mutt mix). Pongo is quite the character and has many animated expressions, some that will show sass every once in a while! Pongo loves snuggles, belly rubs, treats, and other dogs.

Carley is studying Art Education and Photography at Missouri State University. As you could guess, Carley enjoys doodling, taking pictures, and just about anything that allows her to create art! She also spends her free time going to movies, finding fun recipes to cook, and going 0n long walks/hikes with Pongo when the weather is warm!

A Very Successful 2017 Holiday Season

Holiday Season 2017With YOUR help and generosity, we were able to give back to the community in multiple different ways this past holiday season.

We donated carloads full of supplies to Rescue One in November. Crates, beds, food, treats, toys, collars, leashes… the list goes on and on. We are so grateful for the opportunity to help out local foster dogs looking for a fur-ever home.

We raised more than $1,000 for the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation through the Angel Tree in December! That’s more than double what we raised last year. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose parents cannot afford to pay their veterinary bills. The money we raised will be able to help out a couple dogs in need of medical attention!

Thank you again for your kindness the past couple of months. We wrapped up 2017 in the best way we knew how, and are looking forward to seeing what we can do in 2018!

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Angel Tree

cbw-angel-tree-1Starting on Friday, December 1st, our Angel Tree in our lobby will be filled with Bow Wow Buddies Foundation ornaments. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides urgent medical care funds to dogs who are either homeless or whose parents cannot afford to pay their veterinary bills.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 by Christmas. If you donate at least $10, you get an ornament with you and your dog’s name on the tree! Thank you in advance for your generous donation!

Meet Camp Counselor Amber!

Amber Taylor 2Amber joined our Pack in May of 2017! She has a huge passion for dogs and loves all animals. Amber’s favorite part of her job is being able to see the Campers blossom and come out of their shells throughout their visits at Camp!

At home, Amber has a three-year-old Doberman named Siri, and a puppy Red Doberman mix named Ruff. Siri is a spunky girl full of attitude, but also a lover! She loves people, dogs, and anything with a pulse. Ruff is a sweet boy who Amber recently adopted from Rescue One. Siri and Ruff have hit it off!

Amber spends most of her free time with her fiance, Eric, and their two fur babies. Eric and Amber are movie and music fanatics! Amber also enjoys DIY projects such as making dog treats or making house decorations. Amber is expecting a baby, so between working at Camp and maintaining her hobbies have made her pregnancy fly by!

Rescue One Howl-iday Donation Drive

Donation Drive 2017Kindly donate any and all sizes of these new or gently used items now through Thanksgiving:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Crates

Rescue One is a non-profit organization and relies solely on the generosity of others to function. Drop your donations off at Camp next time you come by!

Meet Camp Counselor Haley!

Haley Ford 2Haley picked the right day and time in May of 2017 to visit Camp! When she came in that day,  a group interview was about to start. We invited her to join and the rest is history!

Haley’s favorite part about her job is getting to know all of the Campers, and letting them get to know her! It didn’t take long for relationships to form, and Haley loves seeing the dogs every day. Haley also likes the fact that we provide a service that many responsible dog owners need. Knowing the Campers are able to play and have fun all day instead of being stuck at home while their parents are gone makes Haley happy! The work at Camp Bow Wow such as training, grooming, and play yard management has inspired Haley to pursue dog-centered careers.

At home Haley has a two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix named Rochay. Rochay was one of our foster pups from the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri until Haley adopted her in August of 2017. Haley couldn’t help but fall in love with Rochay and her piercing blue puppy dog eyes and we don’t blame her! Rochay loves cuddles in the morning, her favorite fox toy, and laying under her human’s feet while they make food in the kitchen.

Haley also has a three-year-old Great Pyrenees named Belle. Belle is a giant fluff ball of love who enjoys cuddles from people 24/7! It is still unclear whether she is too smart for her own good or if she’s a big ditz because trying to talk her into doing anything her humans ask of her is nearly impossible. Regardless, her adorable face and relentless cuddles make it impossible to get mad at her! Rochay and Belle are best buds, and enjoy playing outside for hours upon hours!

Outside of Camp Haley is very artistic. She loves to draw and make goofy cartoons of her friends and family. Haley also loves to write short stories, novels, and poetry. Both her art work AND writing have been honored multiple times. When Haley is not drawing or writing she enjoys music. Her family is musical and they have a band together. Haley keeps herself busy with all of her artistic adventures!