Staff Holiday Paw-ty 2017

Staff Christmas 2017 2

We were able to get together this weekend for our Annual Staff Holiday Paw-ty! Instead of bowling as usual, we met up at Incredible Pizza and had an evening filled with food, presents, and games.

We spent close to three hours riding go-karts, playing laser tag, and playing arcade games! It’s a rare occasion to get (almost all of) us together outside of Camp, so we took advantage of it!

What Is A Camp Counselor?

Camp Counselor.pngCamp Counselors are responsible for taking care of your pup! That includes monitoring the play yards, feeding the Campers according to schedules and feeding instructions, performing grooming duties, daily cleaning responsibilities, interacting with dog owners, and much more!

We are at Camp 365 days per year, so your pup will get endless amounts of TLC from their Camp Counselors! If you are interested in working at Camp, click here for an application!

December Camper Of The Month – Maverick!

Maverick CollageMaverick is an adorable Shih Tzu who has been coming to Camp since March of 2016! Maverick visits mainly for Day Camp, but every now and then talks his parents into letting him stay the night with us. He can’t get enough of Camp!

Maverick can barely contain his excitement when he gets here. He can’t help but let out excited squeals as we are taking him to the play yard! We can’t walk fast enough for him! We love Maverick’s sweet personality. We are putting Maverick at the top of our Nice List this month!

Black Friday Sale – Stock Up & Save!

Dog On The Phone

Our Annual Black Friday Sale is on Friday, November 24th! The sale includes 20% off of all regularly priced services including:

  • Day Camp
  • Overnight Boarding
  • Grooming

Not combinable with other offers including Day Camp packages, Memberships, or extended boarding discounts.

Stop by Camp OR give us a call! Our phone number is (417) 882 – 9247.

Meet Camp Counselor Amber!

Amber Taylor 2Amber joined our Pack in May of 2017! She has a huge passion for dogs and loves all animals. Amber’s favorite part of her job is being able to see the Campers blossom and come out of their shells throughout their visits at Camp!

At home, Amber has a three-year-old Doberman named Siri, and a puppy Red Doberman mix named Ruff. Siri is a spunky girl full of attitude, but also a lover! She loves people, dogs, and anything with a pulse. Ruff is a sweet boy who Amber recently adopted from Rescue One. Siri and Ruff have hit it off!

Amber spends most of her free time with her fiance, Eric, and their two fur babies. Eric and Amber are movie and music fanatics! Amber also enjoys DIY projects such as making dog treats or making house decorations. Amber is expecting a baby, so between working at Camp and maintaining her hobbies have made her pregnancy fly by!

Boarding Check-In Process

Cute dog on suitcase isolated on white background

One of our many goals is to make your four-legged friend’s boarding check-in process as smooth as possible. When you drop off your pup for Overnight Camp, we go through what we call an “Express Check-In” with you. On this form, we can find all of the information we will need while your dog is with us.

Express Check-In

We start with your contact information and we always have you provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact – we can never have too many contacts! Then we write a very detailed list of everything you packed so that we make sure everything goes back home with you.

Next, we focus on feeding. We ask your food brand preferences – in case of last-minute extended stays – and then how much and how often to feed your dog. We also ask about any food allergies and double check that your favorite Camper can have a Campfire Treat.

Finally, we ask if you want to schedule a bath and nail trim. We want your pup to go home fresh and clean after playing with all of their friends! We also have a section designated to any extra notes that you pass along to us and we fill out medication cards if necessary.

We want you to leave Camp feeling confident that your Camper is well taken care of while they are with us!


Meet Scout!

Chelsea Scout CollageIf you ask Camp Manager, Chelsea, her favorite parts about her job, we are 100% sure she would list dressing up in Scout in her top three! In fact, no one at the Camp Bow Wow Springfield location has ever been Scout except her.

Chelsea likes to brag about her dance moves, but Scout likes to show them off! If Scout can hear music, he is dancing – always. Scout also enjoys playing pranks on his human friends by giving bunny ears during pictures!

It is very clear that Chelsea loves her job and Scout. We love taking Scout out in the community and seeing all of our client friends – furry and human! Next time you see Scout at an event grab a quick picture, and watch out for those bunny ears!