Camp Counselors’ Dream Vacation Spots

Portrait of a dog on vacation at the beachSummer is a popular time for vacations! We are busy taking care of your furry family members while you are taking your fun trips, but we are also dreaming of taking vacations of our own! Here’s where we would go if we could pack our bags and take a trip tomorrow:

Chelsea W.: Mediterranean Coast of Italy
Carsen: Hawaii
Chelsey M.: Ireland
Emerson: Bora Bora
Ruby: Fiji
Jessica: The Bahamas
Addie: The Beaches of North Carolina
Peter: London
Kit: New Zealand
Dustin: The Mountains of Indonesia
Lacy: Egypt
Shelby: Ireland
Bailey: Amsterdam
Haley: Hawaii
Bella: New Zealand

Who knows, maybe we will run into you in one of these places someday!


Summer: Flea and Tick Season

bigstock-Woman-applying-tick-and-flea-p-106312481.jpgIt’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect season for outdoor activities with your pup! Fleas and ticks thrive in the warm weather and make more unwanted appearances on your furry friends. Here are a few tips to prevent fleas and ticks from hitching a ride on your pet and into your home!

  • First things first, ask your vet about the best preventative medication for your fur baby!
  • Take time to check over ALL of your family members – humans and cats, too!
  • Watch for signs and symptoms of flea and tick infestation:
    • Redness
    • Irritation
    • Chewing
    • Scratching
  • Keep in mind, all dogs react to flea and tick bites differently. Don’t hesitate to contact your vet!
  • Lastly, stay on top of cleaning your house (vacuums are our friends!) and your dog’s hygiene.

Be on the lookout and your dog will be feeling it’s best without the pests this summer!

Meet Shift Leader, Peter!

Peter Seidler 2Peter moved back to Springfield to be closer to friends and family. While he was looking for jobs, he instantly hit it off with the exuberant staff here at Camp and felt welcomed. Peter happily joined our Pack in August of 2017!

Peter worked at a dog daycare and boarding facility in St. Louis for three years so he is experienced in the doggy world. His favorite part of his job is getting to spend time with all of the Campers and getting to know them. They are obviously what makes the job so great!

Peter does not personally have any pets of his own, but he lives with five wonderful cats. They are full of personality and spunk!

Outside of Camp, Peter stays busy! He plays Dungeons and Dragons weekly with his friends. His group of friends also get together weekly for dinner! Peter sings in the Men’s Chorus of the Ozarks. He enjoys doing theatrical makeup and styling hair, which has led him to enroll in Cosmetology school!

The Triple Threat Of Leash Walking

Spring is here and we can all probably agree that we’re looking forward to the sunshine and dry pavement – but no one more than our dogs! Having the right accessories can make your walk a safe and fun experience for you and your pup. Here’s our “triple threat” of leash walking accessories:

Martingale Collar

A MartOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAingale style quick release collar gives you more control of your dog during the walk. The additional loop on the collar allows it to constrict and release based on the pressure placed on the collar. It also helps prevent the tricky dogs who’ve learned that a loose collar and an abrupt stop can mean freedom!

Easy Walk HarnessPremierGentleLdrHarness_blackC

The Easy Walk Harness, in our opinion, is the best invention since Camp Bow Wow. Unlike other harnesses, it’s incredibly easy to put on and take off and is even color-coded for convenience. It provides control of the dog right at the power center, across the front of the chest. So when your dog starts to pull, the harness turns the dog around toward you. When your dog ends up walking the wrong way… viola, the pulling stops! This harness is great for all sizes and breeds of dogs and doesn’t involve any pressure on the neck. Even the most inexperienced dog walker can feel confident when walking with a properly fitted Easy Walk Harness.

Leash with Traffic Handle

Our lTraffic handle leasheash of choice is a standard 6′ leash with traffic handle. If you’re not sure of what a “traffic handle” is, it’s a loop right at the clip of the leash that allows you to pull your dog close to you for “traffic” situations (narrow sidewalks, bikers or other dogs passing, waiting at crosswalks, etc.). A basic nylon leash gives you the ability to teach your dog to loose leash walk, which will make your walk much more enjoyable!

Now that you know about the triple threat of dog walking accessories, stop into Camp and let us help you browse through our retail items! We will help fit your dog for their own triple threat combo. We have matching ensembles in a variety of colors and sizes and are happy to fit your dog and show you how it all works!

Meet Our Buddy, Cameron Myers!

Cam's Bio CollageYou’ve probably seen our blogs, Facebook posts, Facebook Live videos, and Cam’s autographed promotional cards at the front desk of Camp. We try to keep everyone in the know of what Cam is up to and where he is headed next but we realized you might not know one important thing… Cam!

As you know, Steve and Cindy are Cam’s grandparents. Steve and Cindy’s dog, Sadie, boards with us while the family is traveling all over the country for races! They keep us updated on everything, and they generously bring us donuts to celebrate all of Cam’s accomplishments when they stop by to pick up and drop off Sadie.

Steve graciously shared Cam’s World Karting Association Spotlight Interview so that we can give you the background story into Cam’s successful karting life! Here’s Cam:

How long have you been racing?
I first played with an electric drifter kart in the neighborhood when I was three-and-a-half years old and began competing in oval dirt racing in a flat kart throughout Missouri and Arkansas when I was six.

How did you get into racing?
I watched NASCAR on television most every weekend and ran my Hot Wheel cars around the coffee table during the race. My Pops (Steve) took me to a dirt oval race when I was five years old in Butterfield, MO and wanted to try it as soon as I reached the minimum age of six years old.

What is your favorite part of racing?
I enjoy having competition with other karts on the track going very fast. I enjoy the “rabbit game” when I can chase them to see if I can catch them. I also enjoy traveling to new race tracks and staying in hotels.

What are your goals for the future?
My desires and dreams are to someday compete in Indycars or Formula One race cars.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?
I pray with my Pops and family before every race for safety and fun. I also like to run and stretch my muscles as well as play music that gets me fired up and ready to roll.

What else do you do besides race?
I enjoy playing ice hockey very much but not as much as kart racing. Ice hockey is also competitive but different since it is more of a team sport. I am not as nervous going out on the ice before each game since I have teammates compared to going out on the race track by myself before a Final Race.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I would like to be a competitive open-wheel racer in Indycars or Formula One but would also like to play ice hockey professionally. I am very small for my age so my Pops tells me that I have the body of a race car driver, but I am also very fast on the ice and like the team environment.

Are there any other interesting things you would like to share with us?
I am homeschooled by my Mommy which allows me to get ahead so I can go to Madison, Illinois (to his home track) to practice before races. She tells me that she will always be there for me to homeschool wherever we travel to before I go off to college. I am happy to travel up and back with my Pops all in the same day even if I can only practice for a few hours. My Pops always says that the drive up and back is well worth the trip. It’s our “Buddy Time” together. Most important is that I am racing buddies with my Pops.

Can you see why we adore Cam so much?! He has an undeniable passion for his family, racing, and his support system. Cam is only eleven-years-old and has a VERY bright future ahead of him. We can’t thank Steve, Cindy, and Cam enough for letting us take care of Sadie while they are out of town!

For more information about Cam, check out his Facebook at Cameron Myers (@cameronmyersracing) or click here for his website!



Food & Water At Camp

Beagle Dog Drinking Clear Water From Steel Bowl Close-up.We play, play, play, and go, go, go every day at Camp, but we always give your Campers a chance to re-energize! We have allotted break times throughout the day – morning, afternoon, and evening. Those times are used as a nap and/or feeding time. While we do not provide food at Camp, you are more than welcome to pack meals for your pup! Here’s the scoop:

  • Please provide your dog’s food and exact feeding instructions.
  • Feel free to pack a little extra food just in case of last minute changes to your schedule.
  • If you forget to pack food or you have to extend your pup’s stay, we offer an optional food pickup service.

Water is available all day in the play yards and cabins, however, your pup may still drink lots of water upon arriving home – this is not uncommon! It’s just like us after a workout… we are extra thirsty, right? We like to go home, relax, and hydrate – and so does your pup!

Meet Jackson, Our May Camper Of The Month!

Jackson Bodine CollageJackson joined our Pack in September 2017. His temperament is a paw-fect combination of playful but laid back, and we can’t help but smile every time he is around!

Jackson walks himself in carrying his leash, loves the pup pools, and requests belly rubs regularly. He is full of personality and spunk!

Jackson is a very friendly fellow. In fact, he gets so tired from socializing that he takes daily naps in the play yards. He also gets baths frequently to keep his fur soft and his adorable cowlick in place!

We love the energy Jackson brings to Camp!