Boarding Check-In Process

Cute dog on suitcase isolated on white background

One of our many goals is to make your four-legged friend’s boarding check-in process as smooth as possible. When you drop off your pup for Overnight Camp, we go through what we call an “Express Check-In” with you. On this form, we can find all of the information we will need while your dog is with us.

Express Check-In

We start with your contact information and we always have you provide the name and phone number of an emergency contact – we can never have too many contacts! Then we write a very detailed list of everything you packed so that we make sure everything goes back home with you.

Next, we focus on feeding. We ask your food brand preferences – in case of last-minute extended stays – and then how much and how often to feed your dog. We also ask about any food allergies and double check that your favorite Camper can have a Campfire Treat.

Finally, we ask if you want to schedule a bath and nail trim. We want your pup to go home fresh and clean after playing with all of their friends! We also have a section designated to any extra notes that you pass along to us and we fill out medication cards if necessary.

We want you to leave Camp feeling confident that your Camper is well taken care of while they are with us!


Meet Scout!

Chelsea Scout CollageIf you ask Camp Manager, Chelsea, her favorite parts about her job, we are 100% sure she would list dressing up in Scout in her top three! In fact, no one at the Camp Bow Wow Springfield location has ever been Scout except her.

Chelsea likes to brag about her dance moves, but Scout likes to show them off! If Scout can hear music, he is dancing – always. Scout also enjoys playing pranks on his human friends by giving bunny ears during pictures!

It is very clear that Chelsea loves her job and Scout. We love taking Scout out in the community and seeing all of our client friends – furry and human! Next time you see Scout at an event grab a quick picture, and watch out for those bunny ears!

Rescue One Howl-iday Donation Drive

Donation Drive 2017Kindly donate any and all sizes of these new or gently used items now through Thanksgiving:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Crates

Rescue One is a non-profit organization and relies solely on the generosity of others to function. Drop your donations off at Camp next time you come by!

Precious, Our November Camper Of The Month!

Precious CollagePrecious is a ten-year-old Miniature Poodle. She is one of our smallest Campers but you would never guess that based on her personality! Precious has been a Camper since September of 2011.

Her name says it all… she is as precious as can be! Precious is also very talkative, she can be found romping around Sandy’s Play Yard talking to all of her friends. She also enjoys getting fresh air and letting her hair blow in the wind.

Precious is a little bundle of energy! We are extra thankful to have her as our November Camper of the Month!

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

p collageWe have a blast at Camp seeing our clients and Campers each and every day, but there is something extra special about seeing our Campers outside of Camp dressed up in their Halloween costumes!

We had so much fun last weekend at Pets & Pumpkins! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. We truly loved seeing each and every one of you!

Camp Cabins

Springfield Cabin 2

Rest easy knowing your pup has a cabin to call their own while they are boarding at Camp. We have multiple sizes of cabins here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield, a size to suit every Camper!

Your dog’s cabin is a place for them to eat, sleep, and re-hydrate when they are not in the play yards. Your Camper will be the only dog that has access to their cabin so feel free to bring toys, beds, blankets, and anything else you think will make your Camper feel at home. We provide food bowls and water bowls so don’t worry about packing one. There is also a cot to keep your pup off the ground!

Our cabins were made for comfort so have peace of mind knowing your Camper is comfortable while you are away!

Meet Camp Counselor Haley!

Haley Ford 2Haley picked the right day and time in May of 2017 to visit Camp! When she came in that day,  a group interview was about to start. We invited her to join and the rest is history!

Haley’s favorite part about her job is getting to know all of the Campers, and letting them get to know her! It didn’t take long for relationships to form, and Haley loves seeing the dogs every day. Haley also likes the fact that we provide a service that many responsible dog owners need. Knowing the Campers are able to play and have fun all day instead of being stuck at home while their parents are gone makes Haley happy! The work at Camp Bow Wow such as training, grooming, and play yard management has inspired Haley to pursue dog-centered careers.

At home Haley has a two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix named Rochay. Rochay was one of our foster pups from the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri until Haley adopted her in August of 2017. Haley couldn’t help but fall in love with Rochay and her piercing blue puppy dog eyes and we don’t blame her! Rochay loves cuddles in the morning, her favorite fox toy, and laying under her human’s feet while they make food in the kitchen.

Haley also has a three-year-old Great Pyrenees named Belle. Belle is a giant fluff ball of love who enjoys cuddles from people 24/7! It is still unclear whether she is too smart for her own good or if she’s a big ditz because trying to talk her into doing anything her humans ask of her is nearly impossible. Regardless, her adorable face and relentless cuddles make it impossible to get mad at her! Rochay and Belle are best buds, and enjoy playing outside for hours upon hours!

Outside of Camp Haley is very artistic. She loves to draw and make goofy cartoons of her friends and family. Haley also loves to write short stories, novels, and poetry. Both her art work AND writing have been honored multiple times. When Haley is not drawing or writing she enjoys music. Her family is musical and they have a band together. Haley keeps herself busy with all of her artistic adventures!