CBW Takes On A Haunted Corn Maze

A few of our Camp Bow Wow – Springfield employees are taking a trip to Campbell’s Maze Daze in Clever for the second year in a row tonight! This picture was taken after they found their way through the haunted maze last year. Believe it or not, they even went back through a second time!


The employees at Camp are all very close and enjoy hanging out outside of work. Last year they sang karaoke, made s’mores, and conquered the maze as a team!

There is nothing quite like combining the spirit of Halloween and team bonding. Stay tuned to to hear about this year’s trip to Campbell’s Maze Daze!



Meet Shift Leader, Rachel!

cbw-rachel-and-sapphire-1Rachel was drawn to work at Camp because of the dogs, of course! She was looking for the opportunity to work with animals and Camp Bow Wow caught her eye. Rachel’s favorite part about working at Camp is being able to interact with the dogs in the play yards, and getting to meet all sorts of breeds.

Since starting working at Camp, Rachel adopted her one-year-old Husky, Sapphire. She is a very independent pup, and while she has never known a stranger, is very stingy with her kisses! Sapphire is a very popular Camper and comes to work with Rachel every day.

Rachel is currently studying Illustration and Animation at Ozarks Technical Community College but will be transferring to Missouri State University in the near future. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her six-year-old cat named Zelda, reading, and writing! She also enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

Music At Camp

Funny dachshund dog listening to music.We love music here at Camp!  You may hear a few different music genres when you visit Camp, which is very fitting considering the variety of our employees! We listen to everything from ’90s alternative, to country, to ’70s and ’80s!

We listen to some genres more than others but, if you’re lucky, you can catch us singing along or busting some moves! Feel free to join in the next time you stop by!

Meet Our Foster Dog, Dutchess!


Dutchess is our newest foster dog here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield! She is a medium- sized one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who spends her days at Camp in Charlie’s Play Yard.

Dutchess is energetic and very even-tempered. When she isn’t posing for the camera, you can typically find her trying to get her Camp Counselor’s attention! Dutchess loves to cuddle and be loved on by her human friends.

Miss Dutchess is available for adoption through the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri! Help us find Dutchess’ fur-ever home. Ask to meet her the next time you stop by Camp!

Happy Campers And Happy Customers

Cute dog in glasses working on the computer -- isolated on white

Whether you were dropping off or picking up your Camper, you have probably heard the Super Mario Bros. “Lets Go!” alert when you were waiting in the lobby. It’s hard to miss and that is why we love it!

Clearly some of us are big Mario fans around here but there’s method in our madness. The Front Yard Camp Counselor is actually typing your pup’s name into a software program called Doggy Up! We have four big monitors in the Back Yard that display the names of the dogs that are coming and going!

Not only does Doggy Up create easier communication between the Camp Counselors, but it also shortens your wait time! As much as we would like to convince you that we have special powers and communicate telepathically, we don’t. We simply strive for happy Campers  and happy customers!

October Camper Of The Month, Tyrion!

cbw-tyrion-camper-of-the-month-collageTyrion started coming to Camp in May of 2016, and loved Camp so much he begged his parents to become a Membership client!

Tyrion greets us every morning right when the doors open ready to play! He has so many friends, he has to divide his time at Camp evenly between Pancake’s Play Yard and Sally’s Play Yard!

Tyrion is very social in the play yards, but always manages to find time to hang out with his Camp Counselors. He never misses the opportunity for some lovin’! This fall we are falling for Tyrion!

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Pup’s Food!

Bowl of dry kibble dog food and dog's paws and nose over grunge wooden floorAt Camp Bow Wow, our main priorities are your dog’s health and safety. We treat your dog like one of our own and we want to ensure our Campers are as happy and healthy as possible!

We have found that sudden changes in diet can result in gastrointestinal reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea. Feeding your pups their regular food on a consistent schedule helps them feel their best so they can romp and play all day!

Starting on Monday, October 3rd, 2016, we will no longer be providing house food for your Camper for Day Camp and boarding. We want your pup to feel as good at Camp as they do at home!

Please be sure to bring enough food for your dog’s stay when dropping off! Packing a little extra is never a bad idea. Just in case plans change, we don’t want you to worry about your fur child!

If you have any questions, please give us a call! Our phone number is (417) 882-9247!